Irwin's Sister

My Name is Chelsey Irwin. I am Ashton Irwin's Twin Sister!

Book 2 of my sister series.


4. hungover

Chelsey's POV:

I wake up the next morning with the worst headache I've ever had. I get up and realise that I had sex with Luke... Fantastic just what I need! No one else is awake yet so I get dressed so that I'm ready for the day.

Luke's POV:

I wake up and realise I had a little too much fun with Chelsey last night. Great just what we need... A baby! Ash is gonna kill me if she is really pregnant!

Cal's POV:

I wake up with a terrible headache. I also realise that I had a little too much fun with Luke's penguin. Now we can have penguin babies together!

Mikey's POV:

I wake up and realise I had sex with Calum's teddy bear! I have no clue what the baby will look like but it should be interesting!

Ash's POV:

I get up and go to see Luke and he won't look at me. He looks guilty.

"Luke what did u do last night?"

"I'm sorry! I was drunk and me and Chelsey had some really nice sex last night. I don't know if she's pregnant. We were about to go the drug store and get Chelsey a pregnancy test."

"Oh Lukey it's okay everyone makes mistakes."

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