My Felix

Felix is a beautiful mystery that I intend to figure out .


5. Let's start from the beginning part 4

Felix walked over to the and shook their hands. "Hello I'm Felix" he smiled beautifully. "Nice to meet you Felix" my mother said. "Did you sleep here?" My father asked. "Yes sir but we just watched movies and fell asleep" he said.  My father nodded unsurely.   "Well I made breakfast . Would either of you enjoy some?" I asked. "Yeah let's just eat" I said. They walked upstairs to put their bags away. "Oh god" I laughed. "What?" Felix asked.   "This is so weird" I laughed. "Only a tad. I'm good with parents" he smiled. "We will see" I smiled.   After breakfast my parents went out and it was just me and Felix. " you were right" I smiled. "Of course I was" he said. I laughed.   "I think I gotta head home" he said. "Yeah aren't your parents worried?" I asked. "Nah it's fine don't worry about it beautiful" he smiled. He looked at me intently. I wanted to kiss him but I didn't because I wasn't sure if he wanted to kiss me.   He walked away to his car and drove away.    That night and a week after that we talked on the phone all night. We talked about our day and what we did. And laughed and whispered till one of us fell asleep.
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