My Felix

Felix is a beautiful mystery that I intend to figure out .


4. Let's start from the beginning part 3

The day after that Monica asked me if he had called and I replied with a no. "I don't even care. It doesn't even matter" I said .  "Are you sure?" She asked. I nodded.   "So me and Morgan are going to the fair this weekend do you want to come ?" She asked. I shook my head "I don't really feel like third wheeling". "Comon please . We will have fun. And I'll set you up with someone if you want" she smiled.   "No im good. I just want to be home" I said. She dropped me off at my house and I put on sweats and put my hair in a bun. I grabbed a big pullover and put it on. I put on my fluffy socks and made popcorn. My parents were out to dinner and I was home alone watching Netflix.   I got a text from an unknown number. "Hey it's Felix. What are you doing tonight?" He asked. I ignored the text then heard a knock at the door five minuetes later.    I opened it to see Felix standing at the door with a pair of light jeans on and a black flannel shirt. He had ice cream and cookies in his hand.    "what are you doing here ?" I asked. "Well I wanted to see you. I figured you would want to go out and watch a movie then we could come back and have ice cream" he smiled big.   "Well I don't really feel like going out although you look nice" I smiled " I just want to watch Netflix ".   "Well that sounds a hell of a lot better to be honest" he smiled big and walked in and I shut the door behind him. I pulled out two spoons and handed them to him. He sat down on the couch and I sat right next to him. I grabbed my purple cover and covered us both. We ate ice cream from the carton and watched Netflix till I fell asleep in his arms.   I woke up to notice he was asleep. I smiled as I watched his sleep so adorably. I didn't know anyone could be such a beautiful sleeper. I laid my head back on his chest. He smelt so good. And I fell asleep again.   The next day I woke up to the smell of pancakes. I got up and saw him making pancakes. I smiled big. "Yum!" I said. He handed me a plate and put a pancake on it. "So you can cook too?" I said as I took a bite.   "I guess" he smiled big. Then there was a knock at the door. I opened it to see my parents holding their bags smiling. "Hey mom and dad how was the trip?" I asked. "it's was very ex- who is this young boy?".      
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