My Felix

Felix is a beautiful mystery that I intend to figure out .


3. Let's start from the beginning part 2

"Why was it terrible ?". "He hardly spoke to words to me". "Maybe he was nervous. Because your so beautiful " he said. I looked at him and smiled.  He half smiled and looked at me with this beautiful gaze.   "So what about you dinner?". "Me and my parents...apparently they are splitting up" he said. I didn't say a word. "I'm sorry" I finally said. He shook his head . "they were never happy". "Had to be somewhat happy to make you" I said a little under my breathe. He laughed hard. I looked over at his to see the most beautiful sparkling smile .   We talked for a good three hours. Then I got a text from Monica saying ' hey Kruzz is pissed that you left. But me and Morgan going back to his place . See you later .'   I was happy for Monica and didn't care much about Kruzz. "It's getting late I should Probabily get home" I said as I stepped out of the car. "Do you need a ride?" He asked. I shook my head. "Bus stop isnt too far". "No. You are not going to take the bus at eleven at night. Just let me take you".  I nodded and got into the passenger seat. I told him the streets I lived on and we were on our way.   He looked over at me and smiled.  "Stop" I laughed. "What am I doing?" He laughed. "That face" I smiled.   "What face?" He laughed. "The adorable one".   We finally stopped at my house and we both stepped out and he walked me to my door. "Tonight was fun. And maybe some other time we could go on a real first date , rather then you be on a date with someone else" he laughed.   "I'd really like that" I replied smiling. He handed me his phone and I put my number in. "Goodnight Angelina" he smiled beautifully. "goodnight" I smiled.   The next day I had gotten no call or text from Felix. But I tried to get my mind off of it by keeping myself busy with homework or going out with Monica.      
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