My Felix

Felix is a beautiful mystery that I intend to figure out .


2. Let's start from the beginning part 1

We drove up to the resteraunt.

"This is going to turn out terrible isn't it" I laughed. Monica got out of the car, " no he's great I promise". We walked in and as soon as Monica saw her crush she walked over. In front of her crush was my date. His name was Kruzz. And of course a football player.    I smiled as he introduced himself and I did the same. We sat and Monica's crush began to talk about football and parties.  After about ten minuetes it gets very old.  "I have to go to the restroom" I said. I stood up and realized I had gotten a text from my brother. Who is now in college and my mother and father are insanely proud that it kind of keeps me in the dark. Which was fine to me. I didn't like to stand out to much, even to my parents.     I looked up just to catch a guy spill his drink on me. Turns out he was on his phone just like me. He looked at me afraid of what I might say or yell. "I am so-" he began to say. And before he finished I just laughed, hard.  He smiled. "Why are you laughing?". "Because ..." I tried to say because I was laughing so hard, and people began to stare. "This is cold " I laughed out. "Let's find a towel or something" he laughed a little.   We walked towards the restroom and he came out and paper towels in his hand. He handed them to me as I pressed them down on the wet stain. "Don't you have a dinner to get to?" I asked concerned. "I am not going to leave you . I did this to you".   "There's nothing else you could do". I shook a little because it was freezing. "Your cold? Don't worry I got a sweater in my car. Comon" he said as we walked outside. He popped open the trunk as I sat in the front seat and turned up the heater.   He opened the door and handed me this big gray pullover that had the words Stanford on it. I laughed and put it on. He walked around and sat in the passenger seat.  "I'm angelina" I said . "I'm Felix" he smiled. And at that moment I could see his eyes glow green.   " so Stanford huh?" I asked as I looked down at my sweater. "My brother goes there" he said. "He thought this was a good present to get me" he laughed.   "It sure is cozy" I smiled. "So why were you laughing? Any normal girl would have yelled at me " he said. "Well you kinda got me out of this terrible double date thing and it was amazingly freezing in that resteraunt" I said.    
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