Will you stay?

Two teens. Depression, tears, laughter, smiles, anxiety, and one breath taking story.


1. Different

      I'm normal. I do simple, ordinary things. I walk. I talk. I laugh. I cry. I am a normal human being. But I guess to other people, I'm something a lot of other humans are...invisible. I mean I have tried to put myself out there and try to make friends but once things take a sour turn,  always push people away. I just always have. When I'm hurt, I'm afraid that I'm going to get hurt even more. That's probably the reason why I prefer to be alone than to have a lot of friends. No one can hurt you that way.

     Now I know getting hurt is apart of life but I've been hurt so much that I'm pretty positive the pain I have had can last a life time. Believe it or not,  I used to be outgoing, bold even. I used to talk a ton. I actually did have a lot of friends. But they noticed how "different" I was. They would want to go to the mall to scope out the cute guys or go on double dates. Me? I wanted to stay home, locked in my room, writing. I mean I did think guys were cute but I was shy around guys. Plus I never understood love. My dad left my mom when I couldn't even walk. So ever since then I was convinced every guy was bad.

     Today is a cool, colorful fall day. Autumn is my favorite season. It's an ending but a beginning all at once. It's the ending of summer but the beginning of the cooler seasons. I've never really known what a new beginning was. All I have ever known is endings....

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