Cleans and Rebirth - Tales of Old

Entries from across the three realms, tales of the damaged, twisted and corrupt. The eyes in the fire and the voice in the night.

In essence these are simply personal notes for a very, very large story. Everything is part of one narrative but very little may make sense.

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5. The Red Reaper - Entry 3

A child of mystery, driven by dark reasoning I care not to comprehend. She had come to us from a far with one intent and one intent only, to hunt them. Saviour to our cities she took to street and forest. With both axe and crystal she would hack and slash the beasts away in a cloak of blood. Wielding savage weaponry of mystic craft that only a crazed man could possibly dream up. Thank the one beyond we were not born amidst the wretched few. Countless trophies I had gifted from her, day after day I had more heads to store than drinks to sell. Her methods were unorthodox, but her results…none could dare argue. Business was good, she kept my tavern afloat. Until the days of the darkened sky, none had seen her since. Such a sweet innocent child; to what past could drive a delicate flower to these utmost lengths?    

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