Cleans and Rebirth - Tales of Old

Entries from across the three realms, tales of the damaged, twisted and corrupt. The eyes in the fire and the voice in the night.

In essence these are simply personal notes for a very, very large story. Everything is part of one narrative but very little may make sense.

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3. The First Cleansers - Entry 1

I remember the day the darkest of lights descended upon our untouched kingdom. Only three approached the open gates, gleaming, shining in all their glory. Eyes of fire gazed across a prized land to be consumed by the mongering greed of those who sent them with such little prejudice. Before any could flee putrid flame scorched and decayed both skin and bone as the once dull city became a bright burning star, as suited armour became burning plague. Both highborn and peasant roasted alive in their homes, a thousand lives lost to only three. From the fire and chaos, another was born. A child of hate. Walking amidst its brethren, a thousand angry eyes stare cold across the field, to the next goal, the next prize. Three had become four. Every essence of my being shouts run, yet my eyes hold a prison over me. My commander turned to me, staring at my terror filled eyes fixated on the figures in the flame. ‘Cast them to Oblivion my boy, cast them all…’    

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