Cleans and Rebirth - Tales of Old

Entries from across the three realms, tales of the damaged, twisted and corrupt. The eyes in the fire and the voice in the night.

In essence these are simply personal notes for a very, very large story. Everything is part of one narrative but very little may make sense.

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1. Shadow of the Woods - Entry 1

I had sat in a carriage for hours, the beast locked merely inches behind me, roaring, screaming, kicking its bonds. The Circus owner walked merrily beside my cart of armour, staring in at the creature I could not glimpse an eye at. He shouts into the prison I sit upon as the best begins to calm, the roaring stops. The stench of wet dog fills my nose. The owner gently sticks his arm into the cage as a light mourning comes from beneath me. The cart lightens as tension in the wheels become less. What is unfolding under there? I lean to the left side, trying to catch a peak. The owner sharply raises his hand at me, demanding ‘No!’ in his exotic accent. He shushes down at the beast as the cart lays silent. I hear the unlatching of a lock, he opens the door of the cage. Unsure if to abandon my seat to a safe distance or keep as silent as I thought possible. I foolishly sat, twitching my head back and forth awaiting the unknown. Then I saw it, a small girl crawls from the cage into the owners open arms. He holds her for a moment, staring into her eyes amongst onyx hair. My heart still charges, but is it not just a child?

The child reaches up to the owner as he bends down to grant her needs. Gently placing her hands on the sides of his head they stare at each other. A touching moment. Could it be a daughter? A curse? Within seconds my emotions turn face, the girl buries her thumbs deep into the owners eyes as his screams fill the road. The yells of a young girl become that of a fierce beast, haunting black fur engulfs her nimble body as she grows ever larger. I hear the owners lungs burst as the small hands become large claws impaling his head. The thumbs break the eye sockets open as the beast peels his skull in two. Like the creature itself my instinct grips me, as cowardly as it was I slithered from my cart and scurried beneath it. Dirt and blood lashes at my face as the beast’s great paws kicks itself onward to the next cart. Smashing the iron bars housing the attractions, the deformed, the freaks.  As both tamer and rider are gored to puddles as the shadow rips them down as if they were straw figures. Those within the cages stand frightened, yet free. Knowing full well I would follow the fate of the captors, I turned to the owner’s horse. With little hesitation I jumped on and I rode, leaving no thought to a single soul I lash the horse’s saddle with all my might. Tears engulfing my face as the darkened road become ever more blurry. The howl of the shadow echoes behind me until I hear nothing but the horses gallop and my pathetic panting. Two days later I found myself in Murad with a bloody horse in hand, many sleepless nights await me. Perhaps there is sense to the Followers…Perhaps I should also believe…      

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