Preslee meets 5sos fanfic

When I was laying down I heard a knock on the door and I got up and opened the door and five seconds of summer was standing there


1. Preslee's Pov

Hi I'm preslee and I love five seconds of summer and I love pink and I love Taylor swift and I'm a huge fan of Katy Perry and let's begin the story it was a beautiful Friday afternoon and preslee was thinking about Mikey from 5sos and when was listening to she looks so perfect she was dancing and laughing at the same time when she paused the music she went to her music box and she was listening to fearless and that's her most favorite song (it really is true) when preslee was laying down and she heard something so she went upstairs and she saw someone at the door and when she opened it she saw five seconds of summer and they said hi were five seconds of summer and she was screaming so hard. When preslee was still freaking out Michael said um are you ok and preslee said yeah I'm ok um please come in and make your self at home

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