“Those guys out there, they look at us weird."
“what you expect? We're dark types, and to them that's all we'll ever be."
After Sabaku, a Cacturne, that's just been saved from his doom by a squad of mostly dark types, he's invited to join them. After he accepts and gets to know most of them and then there's Turner, who he just doesn't understand. Then he finds out where Turner came from and that the ones who dumped him are coming back for him. It's up to Sabaku and the squad to save him


5. 5

Medley seemed to be acting strange after that. She seemed upset, almost angry. Sabaku decided to ask Zane why. "Is it about what happened to Lance and Turner?" He asked. Zane shook his head. "Afraid not mate. She's pretty much used to those two getting hurt, they can be reckless bastards, she's upset about being beaten by a fairy again. She hates fairies."

"Medley hates fairies? But she's the only one of us that isn't a dark type, why should she of all Pokémon living here?" Zane smirked. "You're really curious? You really wanna know?" Sabaku nodded. "I mean I might as well try to know about you all." Zane sighed. "Alright, I'll tell you why, it's actually something to do with her past so be warned."

Sabaku was listening. "So, kinda like you, Medley belonged to a trainer. Her trainer's name was… Sara, I think. Anyways, Medley loved Sara, she was her sun and the moon and as time went on, her feelings became stronger towards this chick. It's not right for a Pokémon to be in love with a human, let alone one of the same gender, but she didn't care. However, something happened that changed all of that…"

"Was it a fairy?" Sabaku asked. Zane nodded. "One day, they were out together, Medley decided that today was the day to tell Sara how she felt, however, that same day, Sara found a new Pokémon, Gardevoir. Medley was heartbroken. She ran away from Sara and never turned back. She'd always blame the Gardevoir for taking her love away from her and she's had a grudge against 'em since."

Sabaku was interested in all of this. "What happened to Medley after she ran away?" Zane smirked. "She wasn't used to being by herself, one day she was in a battle and was severely injured and she feared she wouldn't make it to the centre in time, but someone helped her. Lance. After all that time she was on her own, he was the first one to show her any concern and kindness. Grateful, she stayed with him so they both won't be alone again."

"So, Medley knew Lance before you?" Sabaku asked. "You better believe it man. They were only teens at the time, three years before I met 'em. Ain't nobody want no dark or fighting types anymore now that the fairies are more common. So it's not rare to see a fairy and for us to need to use the centre. Every time one of us falls to a fairy, Medley feels so defeated. Though once they come back she'll be over it."

"Is that how Lance found all of you guys? You were by yourselves." Zane looked in at the other room where Pierce was talking to Medley. "That's right mate. I was kinda like you, seconds away from my death penalty. I was just a Zorua. I had a huge curiosity problem as I was hatched with nowhere to go, wandered into the territory of a couple of Pinsir. They could've had my head."

"You're a Zoroark, can't you shapeshift?' Zane blushed. "Little embarrassing, but I can trust you. Thing is, can't shapeshift, never could, I was deformed inside the egg, reason why I was abandoned before I even hatched. It's aight though, I wouldn't have needed it. Though it really could've helped me back there. Luckily, Lance saw what was going on and he took them out. Medley helped too. I was so scared about being attacked again that I wouldn't stop pestering them until they let me stay."

"Really?" The more Sabaku found out the more he wanted to know. "Yep! So they decided that they could help us, the house they found was big enough, so I got to stay. Not too long after that I changed from that cute little creature to… well, you're looking at him." Zane laughed. "After that we found Turner, then Pierce and well… now you're here with us. Damn, did that sound pathetic." Zane sniggered and walked away.

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