“Those guys out there, they look at us weird."
“what you expect? We're dark types, and to them that's all we'll ever be."
After Sabaku, a Cacturne, that's just been saved from his doom by a squad of mostly dark types, he's invited to join them. After he accepts and gets to know most of them and then there's Turner, who he just doesn't understand. Then he finds out where Turner came from and that the ones who dumped him are coming back for him. It's up to Sabaku and the squad to save him


4. 4

"Somethin's in the attic!" Medley leapt down the stairs, "I ain't no idea what it is but somethin's up there!" Lance and Zane heard her and soon Pierce and Sabaku followed. "Do you know what it looks like?" Lance asked her. Medley shook her head. "I just saw some red light and it was moving by itself, like somethin alive was attached to it."

Turner rolled his eyes. "Oh please, that sounds like bullshit," he muttered. Medley heard him. "Fine, if you have no faith maybe you should see what it is." Turner went upstairs. "Fine, maybe I will." Sabaku followed him. "Maybe I can help." "No, fuck off this is my kill." Turner pushed him back. "Just go anyway." Zane said to Sabaku. He nodded and followed Turner into the attic, making sure that he wasn't seen.

"I know that you're following me." Turner said nonchalantly without facing him. "How did you figure that out?" Sabaku asked. "Look, I ain't no psychic, but it was just obvious that you'd follow me, just leave." Sabaku refused to leave. "I won't be told what to do by someone four years younger than me." Turner sighed. "Fine, your funeral, you have no idea what's up there and only I know how to deal with it."

"How do you exactly plan on dealing with it?" Sabaku asked. "You'll see, soon enough, if you continue to follow me." They stepped up into the attic. It was almost pitch black and Sabaku could barely see anything. Suddenly they saw a dim red light in the distance. "Stand back." Turner ordered. He picked up a rock and threw it at the light. They were certain they heard a crack.

The light faced them and got even closer, revealing a crack in the glass where the rock was thrown. "Ay! You bitch! Bet you can't take me out like I took out your light!" Turner taunted. "Are you an idiot? He's going to fucking kill you." Sabaku said. "That's the plan. Honestly, I didn't think you'd care, now back away." Sabaku took a few steps back as Turner stood upright with his head back. The light charged towards him and he brought his head down, smacking it into the source of the light.

"Iron head," Turner explained, "I admittedly thought he'd know better not to run into it like that." He picked up what seemed to be a grey body by its yellow tail. "Pierce knows a lot about pokémon, I'll ask him what this is." Sabaku tried to see what he was holding as they left the attic. "Where did the light come from?" He asked. Turner showed him the head where he could only see one of its pink eyes and where the other should be had what looked like a red traffic light lodged in. "Woah! How'd that happen?" Turner shrugged. "Dunno, I'm not it."

The other four saw the two return downstairs. "Did ya get it?" Medley asked. Turner held up the pokémon as his answer. "So, Pierce, what the fuck is this thing supposed to be?" Pierce backed away slowly. "Are you deaf? I asked what the fuck this thing is. Are you going to answer or are you gonna stare?" Pierce sighed. "It's a Banette. Now get it away from me."

Zane laughed. "You're scared of that thing? It's tiny! You're supposed to be the strong one." Pierce ignored him. "I may get slightly creeped out by ghost types but it's nothing irrational. Besides, it's not that small, it's roughly the same size as Turner." Turner crossed his arms. "Not my fault that I'll only ever be this tall." Pierce looked away as he was still holding the Banette. "Just see what it wants and the dispose of him as soon as you can." Pierce walked off with Zane still laughing.

"Pierce is right," Lance said, "Zane, as you're the easiest to get along with, you and Sabaku will talk to it, just see what it wants and maybe you can agree on something. Medley and I have somewhere to be." Turner handed the Banette to Zane and walked up to Lance. "Do you… want to come with us?" Turner nodded. "Just cause if I stayed in here constantly with these bastards I'll be going insane." Lance sighed. "I really hoped you'd get along better with everyone, but you can come with us, just try not to get into anymore fights like last time."

Zane and Sabaku did what Lance had instructed them and they took the Banette to Zane's room. "What's yer problem?" The Banette asks, "I'm just minding me own business when you and yer other lad just cracked me left eye, then he attacks me." "Well… it was our attic you were in." Zane replied, "besides, that had nothing to do with us, Turner just picks fights with everything." Banette seemed confused. "What? That's his name? Who would name their child Turner?" Zane sniggered. "We'd ask him but if he'd never tell us where he came from, always ends up beating the shit out of me."

This terrified Banette. "Yet ye live with him?" Zane nodded. "Eh, it ain't too bad, I mean just avoid him and you'll be fortunate enough that he dosen't pick s fight with you. Why do you live with us though? I mean this ain't your attic. What even are you? Do you even have a name?" Banette sighed. "Thing is, I do have a name, Ross, was a toy for a young girl, Lola was her name, I then came to life after she threw me away, I spent a good amount of time trying to get back, but sadly, turns out her whole family died during the takeover, this was their house and I lived here ever since then."

"So you mean all this time, you were here and we didn't even notice?" Ross nodded. "Yep, you lads are oblivious as all hell, until the lass spotted me eye glowing in the dark." Sabaku then remembered. "How'd you get that 'eye' anyway?" Ross tapped the light. "The junkyard, broken traffic lights, the red was okay, was just the amber and green, got threw out for losing my eye, so replaced it with this here."

"Look Ross, you seem like a nice guy but… you can't stay in this house." Zane said. "Why not?" Ross asked. "Well, Pierce will just crack from being in the same house as a ghost type." "Aw well he just being a racist! I lived in this house for four years, three with yer man Lance and yer woman Medley." Zane smirked. "True, you did manage to hide yourself for so long, we can always just… pretend we got rid of you when you could just hide like you've always have." Ross liked that idea.

"Well, he's gone, what now?" Sabaku asked Zane. Before Zane could answer Medley went back inside. "Medley?" Pierce asked, "where are the guys?" Medley sighed. "At the centre, Lance was about to take the hit but Turner did it for him." The three were confused. "What hit? Who attacked them?" Zane asked. "Fairies," Medley answered, "had a trainer too, like with Sabaku's, he had a gold thing on his wrist, Turner seemed effected by his presence and he 'didn't want anyone hurt by him' so he tried to protect Lance at all costs. Was weird."

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