“Those guys out there, they look at us weird."
“what you expect? We're dark types, and to them that's all we'll ever be."
After Sabaku, a Cacturne, that's just been saved from his doom by a squad of mostly dark types, he's invited to join them. After he accepts and gets to know most of them and then there's Turner, who he just doesn't understand. Then he finds out where Turner came from and that the ones who dumped him are coming back for him. It's up to Sabaku and the squad to save him


3. 3

“Nice place you got here, but aren't you afraid people will catch you living out here?" Zane laughed. “As if, no ones been around here for years, but even if people come here, we lock our doors. At night." He smirked and led Sabaku upstairs and into a room. “As I said before, if you'd like, I can tell you about the rest of us, but first, I'll introduce myself, I'm Zane, I'm 21 years old, now tell me about yourself." Sabaku nodded. “I'm Sabaku and I'm 20 years old." Zane sniggered. “Nice name." Sabaku sighed. “It's Japanese for desert." Zane nodded. “Now let me tell you about the rest."

“Lance is 24 years old, as our leader he tries to always remain calm and tried to keep us all together, though it doesn't make him that fun to be around as he tries too hard to be serious." Sabaku nodded, “what about the girl?" Zane nodded. “Medley? Oh she's great, she's the same age as Lance. She's quirky and she tries to make friends with anyone, she's supposed to be a mother figure I guess, she's light and bouncy, but she knows whenever she needs to be serious."

“Pierce is 22 years old, he's really serious and never takes anyone's bullshit. But it works in a positive and a negative way, on the plus side he can win any argument so he's good to have on our side, on the negative… he can be a buzzkill sometimes." Sabaku nodded but then remembered someone else. “What about the other guy?" Zane then groaned. “You mean Turner?" Sabaku nodded. “Yeah, what's with him?"

“Turner is the youngest of us all, he's 16, but he's a total weirdo. He barely talks to anyone, and he spends a lot of time by himself. Lance says that I should leave him alone because of what happened to him, but he's the only one that knows what happened to him. I've tried asking Turner himself but every time I do he just walks off without saying anything, there was this one time I yelled at him… let's just say he's stronger than I thought. If you ask me, you should stay away from him."

“Why don't you ever ask Lance about him?" Zane sighed. “He just says that Turner wouldn't like it if anyone else was to know, but he still haven't told him about this chick he keeps talking about… Luna. If you want my opinion, he should just spill because I'm getting sick of him being so secretive." Then the door opened and Lance was there. “I heard what you said about him." “Lance? What are you doing here?" Lance walked in. “I came to get Sabaku and I heard y'all talking about Turner, Sabaku, can you go down to Medley? She's looking for you, Zane, I need to talk to you about Turner." Sabaku walked out of the room and left the two alone.

“I thought I've been through this with you many times, Turner will allow me to tell you when he wants to." Zane rolled his eyes and stood up. “It's been over a year since we picked up that psychopath, he's barely even said three sentences to Pierce, why don't you tell me?" “Turner specifically told me not to tell anyone else, he hasn't told me everything, there's a lot he left out." Then there was rapid knocking on the door. “Lance! Lance! Lance! I need to tell you something!"

“There he is again, I'll leave you two together. Imma go down to the others." Zane stormed out and pushed against Turner and ran downstairs. “I'm guessing that those two are talking again." Medley sighed as Zane walked in. Zane nodded. “Those two always talk in private, I wonder what they talk about." Pierce said as he sharpened the blades on his arms. “Why doesn't he talk to either of you?" Sabaku asked. “Turner isn't a very open guy, he trusts Lance and only Lance, he was the first person who spoke to Turner since he was brought here." Zane moaned.

“When I first met him he threw knives at me. It's like he hates me." Medley walked over to them. “I'm sure he doesn't hate any of you… he just doesn't seem to like you very much." Sabaku was confused. “So you know nothing about him?" Zane thought for a moment. “He said that this group called Raiders took him away but they threw him out, he also has this black bangle that covers his wrist on his right arm, he said that's what they used to brand his type." “Venom had something like that on his arm too! But it was a different colour." The rest nodded.

Turner then walked into the room and everyone went silent. Sabaku walked up to him. “Can I talk to you? Alone?" Turner crossed his arms and looked at him. “Fine, guess I can talk to the new guy." Zane laughed. “You know you don't sound cool, you're younger than all of us." Turner sighed and walked over to Zane and punched him in the face. “Now, what did you want to talk to me about?" Sabaku looked on at Zane as Turner let him away. “What the fuck was that?!" Turner rolled his eyes. “So what? All he does is talk about me behind my back. What did you want me for?"

“You sent away my only friend, and you blamed it on Andrew! Why the fuck would you do that? You don't know Venom, or Andrew." Turner looked away. “Andrew, if that's what you call him, is a terrible person." Sabaku grabbed Turner and shook him violently. “You've never seen him before! Wake up and stop being so paranoid!" Irritated Turner smacked Sabaku off him and head butted him. “The bastard tried to kill you! Am I really paranoid?" Sabaku held his head. “Good point, but when we were leaving, you looked at Andrew like something was wrong." Turner began to walk away, but Sabaku grasped his arm and pulled him back. “You're not leaving until I get an answer!"

Sabaku then saw the black cuff on his wrist and stared at it. “So the others were right…" Turner then yanked his arm back. “Unless you want to lose an arm I suggest you don't touch that!" With that Turner stalked off. Zane walked into the room. “Two whole minutes, that's the longest he's talked to anyone that isn't Lance." “There's seriously something wrong with that kid, and I'm gonna find out what it is." Zane sniggered. “Oh please, he's like a platinum safe, you'll never break into his head."

Sabaku looked at Turner leave the room and he held his head again. “What can I say to not make him hurt me?" Zane thought. “Well, except for everything else you did, do not, and I mean DO NOT ask about Luna!" Sabaku was confused with him always saying that. “Who's Luna?" “Fuck all, we have no idea, all we can assume is that he knew her before the ‘Raiders' came." “Does he do this often? You know, hurt people?" Zane shook his head. “Nah, only if you annoy him." Sabaku sighed. “I need to know what his problem is." Zane smirked. “I'd be happy to help, no one else would help me before."

Sabaku smiled that Zane was so willing to help. “What should we do?" Zane thought for a moment. “I'd check his room, but not now, not when he's in the house. So we'll wait till he leaves the house." Sabaku nodded. “Then our investigation shall go underway." The two smirked and high fived.

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