“Those guys out there, they look at us weird."
“what you expect? We're dark types, and to them that's all we'll ever be."
After Sabaku, a Cacturne, that's just been saved from his doom by a squad of mostly dark types, he's invited to join them. After he accepts and gets to know most of them and then there's Turner, who he just doesn't understand. Then he finds out where Turner came from and that the ones who dumped him are coming back for him. It's up to Sabaku and the squad to save him


2. 2

“You've been looking out that window all day, is that all you ever do?" The Bisharp looked at Turner, he ignored his question. “Don't bother Pierce, he never listens to anyone except Lance." Pierce glanced at Zane and nodded. “He's barely moved in hours, there's nothing to see." Suddenly Turner leapt off the windowsill and walked out of the room. “Medley! Where's Lance?" Medley turned around. “What's the matter? This is the most you've said to me in four days." Turner gripped her arm and said something so the others can't hear him. “I saw something in the woods. A trainer and some Pokémon, but there's something with the trainer…" Medley nodded. “Lance isn't here, but I can communicate with him with telepathy."

Lance ran into the room. “Did you call me?" Medley nodded. “Turner said he saw something in the woods. He asked for you." Turner nodded and walked up to Lance. “I've seen that trainer before, he's about to do something terrible, I know it." Lance looked down at him. “We can go down here, call the other two and we'll go down and see what's up." Lance walked and met up with Pierce and Zane. “C'mon guys, we need to see what ever Turner says is wrong in the woods."

“Should we trust that guy? He's a bit edgy." “Pierce, I've known him longer than you, and I can trust him." Zane rolled his eyes. “He only ever talks to you." Lance ignored him and walked out. “Medley, will you be coming too?" Medley nodded. “Sure, I never get to come, it'd be fun." “Let's go guys." Lance walked out the door, the rest followed.

Sabaku kicked a stone around and followed the trainer. Andrew was a tall teenage boy with black hair that fell into his green eyes and blended off his hazel skin. He wore a black coat with navy jeans and white sneakers. “I don't understand why he dragged us out here." The Ariados scuttled beside him and nodded in agreement. “Master Andrew said it was important that he brought all three of us specifically. Me, you and Volcarona." The Cacturne nodded as he glanced at the Volcarona who traced behind Andrew. “You know Venom, I feel you're my only friend." Venom nodded again. “And I for you." Andrew stopped walking. “Alright boys, the trek stops here!"

“I'm sure you're all wondering why I brought you out here." The three nodded. “Well, I'm afraid I come bearing unfortunate news. One of you aren't coming back with me." Sabaku rolled his eyes. “What is this? A TV show?" Andrew darted a look at Sabaku. “Speak of the devil, can you please come up towards me?" Sabaku, confused stayed still. Andrew sighed and grabbed him by the arm and brought him towards a huge tree. “Stay still, and wait for a while," Andrew then beckoned for Venom to come over. “Venom, use string shot." Venom was confused. “Where?" Andrew sighed and pointed to Sabaku. “On him!" “I can't do that! He's my best friend!" Andrew rolled his eyes. “Venom, when I hired you to be mine, I was promised you'd do exactly what I command, if you refuse, I can send you back to where you came from." Venom shuddered. “Fine, as long as I don't have to hurt him!" Andrew nodded. “I wouldn't dream of it."

Reluctantly, Venom used String Shot and aimed it at Sabaku. Just as he was aiming it, Andrew shoved Sabaku against the tree. Venom didn't see it coming and kept going. Venom freaked out and stopped as soon as he could. “What the fuck?! Was this intentional?!" Sabaku looked down and saw that the white silk that Venom excreted was covering his body, sticking him to the tree that Andrew had pushed him against. “Maybe." Andrew smirked. “I'm afraid you're the one we're leaving behind." Sabaku groaned. “Yeah, no shit! Now release me from this!" “That's totally go against my plan." Venom blinked in confusion. “What plan?" Andrew looked at them. “You see boys, the dark type isn't as useful anymore. Fairies, bugs, there's just too much holding you down. So I just think that I need to get rid of my dark type Pokémon, starting with Sabaku." Andrew turned to him, “I'm afraid you're fired." Volcarona was then beckoned over. “Volcarona… flamethrower!"

Sabaku closed his eyes and waited, but instead of what he was expecting, there was no impact. He opened his eyes and saw a Gallade in front of him. He was crossing his arm blades to use protect. “Pierce, get the Cacturne out of here, Turner and I will take care of these guys!" Out of nowhere a Bisharp jumped down beside him and used to blades to cut through the String Shot. “Follow me, me and Zane will lead you to safety." Still confused, Sabaku followed him and the illusion fox behind the tree,

“I have no idea what the fuck is going on! Who are you guys?" A Medicham jumped from the tree. “Hallo! Name's Medley." “Nice to meet ya, now can you explain what's going on?" “Chill, everything's gonna be fine, Lance can take care of those guys." Medley hit Zane in the back. “Ahem! Turner's out there too!" Zane laughed. “Oh yeah, he's there too." Medley hit hit across the head. Zane winced and Pierce rolled his eyes. “What those two are trying to say is that Lance and Turner are going to get their revenge on all of them." Sabaku then remembered someone. “Venom! The Ariados, they can't hurt him!" Before they can stop him Sabaku ran out onto the battlefield.

“I'll take care of this Volcarona, the Ariados is up to you." Turner nodded and headed towards the red and black spider Pokémon. But he noticed something. As the Ariados held its front legs over its head it had something on its right arm. It was a yellow-green cuff, similar to Turner's. “If you're one of them… wouldn't that make the kid…" Turner glanced at Andrew. “Come with me for a moment." He led Venom behind another tree. “I don't understand, why aren't you hurting me?" Turner sighed and knelt down beside him. “I have no time to explain, you just need to get out of here, that kid is dangerous, go before it's too late." Scared of this information, Venom nodded and took off.

Sabaku saw Venom running away from him. As he ran off to keep up with him Turner stopped him. “It's for his own good, he can't survive with that kid and neither will you." Turner then walked off the finish the job with Andrew. Pierce then ran up to Sabaku. “I brought you back there for a reason! I know it seems bad but they know what they're doing." After Venom completely left Sabaku's sight, he reluctantly followed Pierce. “Who even are you? You came out of nowhere and some fighting happened." Zane appeared to answer his question. “We're a squad, we like to rescue Pokémon that have been abandoned or left to die. Lance is our Leader, he's the Gallade,"

Volcarona fainted and fell to the ground. “I'm sorry about that,“ Lance muttered, “but I had no other chose." He then headed towards the others. “We're going back home now." As the others went Turner stayed behind. He walked silently up to Andrew and noticed something. As he had expected under his coat he had something on his wrist too… it was a gold bangle. “You really are…" Andrew turned around. “Yes, yes I am." Turner than ran towards the others trying to get away from Andrew.

“Where've you been?" Medley asked as Turner came towards the group. “Nowhere," he muttered, “why should you care?" Medley rolled her eyes and walked on. Sabaku walked alongside Zane. “Where are you guys going?" Zane looked back at him. “We're going back to our place where we live, just don't go telling anyone okay?" Zane laughed at his own joke. “Okay then." Zane put his arm around Sabaku. “I like you, I think it'd be fun to have someone like you around, a lot of people here can be a bit too serious." Sabaku nodded. “Once we get home I'll tell you about everybody. So c'mon let's go."

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