“Those guys out there, they look at us weird."
“what you expect? We're dark types, and to them that's all we'll ever be."
After Sabaku, a Cacturne, that's just been saved from his doom by a squad of mostly dark types, he's invited to join them. After he accepts and gets to know most of them and then there's Turner, who he just doesn't understand. Then he finds out where Turner came from and that the ones who dumped him are coming back for him. It's up to Sabaku and the squad to save him


1. 1

“Look Lance, I know that you said there was something you wanted to show me, but can it wait till tomorrow? It's the middle of the night!" A Zoroark followed Lance, a Gallade, through a dark alleyway. “Look, it was either you or Medley, and you're the only one who can drive. And I need you because I can't carry this all the way home, they'll think it's a kidnapping of some sort." “Lance, is this another Pokémon?" Lance nodded. “I'll explain when we get home, just get the car and park it here. The Zoroark saluted as a joke and ran off.

Lance walked further into the alleyway. “I hope he's still here, and that he's still alive." Sure enough he was there. An unconscious Pokémon lay there like he last saw him. Lance gently touched him. He sighed with relief when he found he was still breathing. “I'll be able to see what you are once we get home." He then heard the car horn from behind him. “Hurry up, wouldn't want anyone to see this as suspicious behaviour." Lance nodded and picked up the Pokémon. He was smaller and lighter than he expected. The placed him in the back seat and sat in the front seat.

As they drove out of the city the Zoroark asked Lance. “Where'd you find him then? I'm just dying to know." Lance sighed. “Zane, I said when we get home, so I won't have to repeat myself to Medley." Zane rolled his eyes and drove on. The came across a small estate with a line of shabby two storey houses on the outskirts of the city. Most of these houses were deserted. Zane drove towards the one at the end. The lights were on. “Guess she's up, be prepared." Lance sighed and came out of the car with the Pokémon.

“Lance! What are you doing? That is a Scrafty! Where'd you find him?" Lance's Medicham roommate Medley rushed him with questions. Lance sat down and lay the Scrafty beside him. It really was one. It was an orange bipedal Pokémon. It had a red crow on his head, grey eyelids, a grey stomach and yellow loose skin around his legs and tail. “Well Lance, you got some story to tell me and Medley. Medley quickly nodded. “Yes, I was wondering where you two went."

Lance sighed. “I was in the city and was walking home by the shortcut through the alleyway, I saw a truck pull up in the alleyway, two humans got out of the truck and pulled him out of the back. They muttered something to him, but I was unable to hear them and they drove off without him, no doubt leaving him for dead." Medley nodded and glanced at Zane. “Reminds me of someone." Zane blushed slightly. “Yeah, me too." “So Medley, any spare rooms?" Medley smiled. “Sure, this wasn't your first time bringing one back, and won't be your last." Lance smiled and brought the Scarfty to a spare room. Lance placed him onto the bed and walked out to see Zane. “Well, I don't know about you but I'm going to bed." Lance smiled and walked into his own room.

Lance woke up the next morning with a start. He saw Zane shaking him awake. “He's crazy!" “Zane? What?" Zane sighed.

“The dude we picked up last night is completely psychotic! He's fending me off with knives he found in the kitchen! He keeps asking about some chick named Luna and he keeps calling me a raider." Lance got out of bed. “He's confused, that's understandable, I'll deal with him." Lance walked into the room. He went into the room he left the Scrafty in last night. He saw him looking out of the window. Then the Scarfty noticed Lance and stuck the knife in his direction. “I don't know who the fuck you or that Zoroark is, or where the fuck I am, so you better start explaining shit!"

Zane looked in. “Told you, he's a lunatic!"

“Don't say her name! How do you know about Luna!" He threw the knife and it only missed Zane by a hair. “Have fun dealing with him, I'm getting out of here!" After Zane left, Lance walked into the room. “Look, we don't know who Luna is and we're not....."


“No, we're not raiders, we don't even know what those are. Look, I found you in the city, you were by yourself, we saved your life. My name is Lance, and the Zoroark is Zane, we're not trying to hurt you. I don't know you, can you tell me a bit about yourself?"

The Scrafty sighed and placed the knives down. “My name is Turner, and I'm fifteen years old."

“What?! You can't be that young!" Zane reappeared

“Zane please, leave him alone."

“He started it," Zane muttered.

“Who were those people who left you out there?"

“Raiders. They didn't like me thrashing around, said I was causing a disturbance with the others." Turner explained.


“Can you tell us what raiders are?"

“They come to a certain place and raid everything, money, belongings or in my case, Pokémon."

Zane noticed something. “What's that on your wrist?"

Lance then saw it. On his right wrist there was a black cuff, it went from his wrist to halfway up his forearm.

“It's nothing!" He hid his right arm behind his left arm. It's just what the raiders used to brand Pokémon they've raided. Mine is black, because I'm a dark type."

“Why'd they do that?"

“I don't know!"

“Turner, please try to calm down."

“I can't, they have her and I'll never get her back!"

The two left Turner on his own for a few minutes so they could discuss things between themselves.

“Who's this chick he keeps going on about? Luna? Do you think he means that the raiders have her too?"

Lance nodded. “I think so, maybe she's an old friend, or a love interest."

“Lance, the kid's fifteen, besides, he's crazy, no girl's want to go out with him."

“Now Zane, to him everything's happening so fast. You're weren't the most sane either, but he won't get better with you pressuring him, just give him a few weeks or months and he might tell us."


“Shush! Look, if what he told us was true, it could take a while to recover, these things can traumatise him, especially at his age, so until he's ready, promise you won't ask about it."


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