The Old Shaman

Short story about Old Shaman


1. The only one part

The sun was gliding to the tops of Mulgore's mountains and was about to hide behind them. At the foot of the one hill at one lonely place, hid at three sides from the green fields of Mulgore, stood three: the Friend, the Beloved One and the Learner. They came to their Old Dear Friend who was lying on the oak plank placed on the long sticks dug in the ground, to say their last goodbyes to him. They have arrived in the right time to the right place, though nobody sent them any letters about Friend's decease. They have just felt that he's gone.
So there, in silence, they stood, recollecting good and bad about their friend, saying their last goodbyes to the Old Shaman. And, you know, like it always happens in situations like this, maple leave has fell from nowhere on the dead body.
-And...what, the hell, are you waiting for?! - a deep, soft voice came from behind.
Said three at once, surprised, harshly turned around.
The transparent spirit of their Old Friend was soaring over the ground.
- Who else, goddamn? Of course it's me!
- - asked him Learner.
- Teach or - not - no difference! - said Teacher shaking his head. - Have you forgotten, who am I, haven't you? - asked the Old Shaman, sarcastically smilimg, - Well, I'll remind you: the fucking Shamah! That's who I am.
said he loudly, - It means that I can live...even if I die. - he started to calm down, - As a spirit, as a ghost if you want. Not only as a memories.
Three, stood with opened mouths, amazedly watching at their non-dead friend.
- And so I'm asking: what, the hell, are you waiting for. Here. At the dead body that not your friend more. - told Shaman, - Cry! Cry 'till you empty. Till you cry out all your sorrow. And live. Live happy. And, god dammit, in no account think about following me. Da hell. If you'll come here early, I'll drive you out! Hear me?
- But... - started the Beloved One. - You are so lonely there! Don't you?
- No, of course not! - laughted Sweety, - Here are many stupid ghosts here. Millions! A few hours ago I met my dear uncle and, try to guess, what he did? He laughted at me because he had longer life than mine. Screw this. But whatever. I'm not really lonely here, honey, so don't worry about it.
The Old Shaman pulled his ghosty pipe, put some herbs in and lit it.
- It's not that bad here, but has some unique things. The good things that pays it. Ale, for example. Din't see ale here. - he exhaled smoke, -  And the greatest thing is: I have a perfect posibilities for the Travel! Here are so many different lands, countires, even worlds! You can't just imagine...So I'm not lonely here at all and I have a lot of things to do here.
Thus, go. Live while there is a time. I'll be near and if you'll ever need me - just call - I'll come.
Beacause who am I?

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