My obnoxious roommate

When you're forced to live with a wealthy obnoxious popular boy, your life changes when you go closer to him


1. Miserable first day of school

Laila p.o.v 

I woke up to hear my mom nagging my dad. I get used to it a lot. My mom shouted at me to go to school. I hate school! I looked at the time. It was 7:30. This is what you can call rush hour in my house. We had only one bathroom and it was downstairs. My two annoying brothers and equally annoying sister wake up and race to the shower and its a jungle down there.

Everyone ran downstairs pushing everything out of the way and by everything I mean everything that breathes. We were all at the front of the bathroom and the keys to the shower door was there. Before i knew it,my brother, Mike, pushed all of us to the ground and we fought ourselves for the keys. Somehow I survived. I got up after a rich harvest of bruises. My sister got the keys and ran inside the showers locking all of us outside. My sister was like a mermaid. She could spend hours in the bathroom. What does she do there! It was my first day of school and I couldn't be late for my first day in school.

School began at 7:30 and I haven't even had my bath yet. I was doomed! I wore my bacon stained dress and ran to school. I reached the gate of the school and saw the hugest crowd of school girls I had ever seen in my life screaming and gathering over some guy. I was running really fast and I didn't even care to look where I was going. Soon I hit something really hard I fell down. I opened my eyes to see I was on top of someone. His chest was so firm. He  was a handsome tall guy. I was really humiliated. I felt sorry for this guy. I stood up from his chest and he got up. He fell on a puddle of mud. I dusted his clothes feeling total pity for him and then he tells me:

"Stop its okay!".

A crowd gathered around us. I tried to stop him by telling him

"I'm sorry. I will buy this exact type of clothing for you I..."

This guy interrupts me

"You think you'll be able to find this jacket again? This was created by one of the best designers in the world. You'll never be able to buy it even if I sold you".

"Excuse me?".

This major jerk tossed his jacket right over and gave it to me. He wanted to humiliate me, I wanted his head on a fork.


"You can keep it".


I've never felt so dehumanized in my life! I felt so angry that I could kill this guy and feel satisfied. I was infuriated and said the dumbest thing in my life:


"You douche bag! You think you're perfect? Well you're not! And you can have your dumb jacket!".

I threw the jacket on his face. He turned to me and came closer to me and said...

"You're cute. I like you".

Then he turned around and left. Everyone stared at me and were even taking pictures. I noticed that this guy was so hot and handsome, almost no girl would resist him, almost. It took me a second to realize that the guy I publicly humiliated was the most popular guy in school and my social life was probably ruined. Soon a teacher came out from the school and gave me a detention slip and let the major jerk leave heads high. Unfairness is a disease that affects the poor!

I entered inside the school and i was lost. When I hit that jerk outside the school, my schedule slip fell. I saw this girl opening her locker and decide to talk to her.

"Hi I'm Laila. Please do you know where the bathroom is?".

"Hi, names Christiana. You're new right? Me too! And do you have a schedule slip?".

"I have a detention slip".

"Wanna look for our class together?".


And I made a friend. A nice friend. All was going too well.This high school didn't have the highlight of a real high school. Where is the blonde bitch? It didn't take me a minute before I finally found one. A blonde sat on my desk and tries to strike a conversation with me.

"I'm Tiffany and I came here personally to tell you some thing". 

"I'm starving. Get off my desk, you just sat on my bacon!

"Look girl. I get that you're new in school and all and you want a boyfriend but don't you even dare look at Hunter. He's mine!".

So that was his name? Hunter. The idiots must have posted the video of me and Hunters' "incident' and dang But this blonde really pissed me off so I lied to infuriate her:

"I don't know you but if this Hunter guy 

The teacher comes in and the whole class rearranged itself. Tiffany stared daggers at me before she left. I saw Hunter coming in late. The teacher introduced us and started to assign us seats

"Jessica you seat with the new student, Clara. Pablo, you seat with Haley. Tiffany, you seat with Jonathan. Tina, you seat with Brandon. Williams, you seat with Gina. And you Hunter you're late,again! So you seat with Laila".

What type of unfair universe is this?!

Hunter sat down beside me and smiled. I hate this jerk. At the end of the class, the teacher gave us projects.

"Your project partner is the person seating next to you".

. But if you can't hit the shit out of the one you hate you join him. I started talking to the jerk...

"Your house or mine".

" I'd rather cut my legs off than go to your house. You can come over".

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