Come Alive

'The girl was dead.'

16th June, 2015. 19:50.

Alice Matten was an ordinary girl, until one day, when a girl in her small town in Scotland dies. No scars, no signs of injury or illness, but just like that; dead. As Alice tries to uncover the mystery surrounded the girl's death, she discovers more about herself in the process - and what she finds out will change her life forever.



Before, a misty calmness surrounded the world like a cloak. Sin was not yet created, not dreamed of even by the most wicked of souls. There was no fear either, nothing but pure joy, the mortals and immortals living in harmony with one another.


But then, the world was filled with screams.

 Fires rage and smoke billowed into the heavens above. All hell broke loose, and sins broke free. They roamed the world, and not even the flames from which they were created could stop them.  The flames blinded the humans, the mortals who needed to be protected, and they were left vulnerable, exposed to the demons of the world.


The memories of that fateful day rang in Holden's mind as he ran down the street, trying not to concentrate on the smell of cigarettes littered on the ground, or the beer being drank outside the corner shop he'd just passed. Grease licked the pungent air around him, salt dancing through the light wind. Holden's feet began to burn as he raced over the tarmac, his breaths laboured.


The road began to deteriorate as he left the town, and the forest was dark, shadows of the gnarled trees glaring down at Holden with expressions of unrivalled disgust. "Die," the rippling leaves seemed to whisper. "Die, or be damned." He tried to ignore the sound, tried to shut it out, but no one can shut the door on Death, no matter how much willpower was injected into the venomous words.


"I won't listen," he said, more to himself than the trees. "I won't die, I won't!"


But then he stopped.


The man stood in the forest, bound by heavy metal chains. His face was twisted with pure hatred as he glared at the woman staring across at him, her eyes seeming to see nothing, though the were clearly focused on him. Him.

 The one who had torn apart her world, the one who had turned everything she loved into everything she hated. Including him.

 He smirked, bowing his head, as the woman's thoughts began to drift into his own mind. He won't do it. He can't do it. The man smiled cruelly. He could. The woman knew that, of course: she was simply trying to be optimistic, for the sake of her own sanity. The man did not know why she wanted to. he did not believe in such trivial things. The only thing worth having, in his mind, was power. And if one lost one's own sanity along the way, then so be it. Just like he did.

 There was a snap of a twig. The woman tensed, startled, her head twisting automatically to stare at the source of the sound. A creature leapt out of the shadows, its furry head soaked with water somewhere between a liquid and a solid. A pair of red eyes flashed, and the woman froze to the ground, all her common sense gone, stolen by the fear that was gripping her like a vise. "Why don't they ever stay dead?"

 With a scream, she was gone.

 "Well done, Holden," the man said, clambering on the beast's back. "Now, let's go." The beast did not move an inch. "Go," he repeated. when the creature still did not respond, he added, "or I'll rip you apart."

 The beast chuckled. "You can not stop it. They shall still come forth, My Lord, and when they do, you shall be killed."


"Quiet!" the man snarled. "Now ride!"


"As you wish, my Lord."


The world darkened.


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