This is Nowhere girl

This is the works of a Nowhere girl.


4. 1/4/16

Memories fade

As the story ends

Not so happily ever after

But that's ok

Well, it's not okay

But nothing is anymore

You gave me hope

Then closed the door

But, what's up with fate?

Why did we meet?

I'd like to say I'm okay

But nothing's ever as it seems

With you gone, I'm empty

I don't know what to believe

I'm immune to feelings

Their pleads of help

Pen down, book closed

No story left to tell.

And I'll save my breath

I won't try to scream

With you gone 

Life's just a bad dream

As hell's bells ring

I remember the mistakes I've made

My life flashes before my eyes 

I let my memories fade.



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