Messed up middle school

Hi my name is Sarah and this is about my messed up middle school life hope u like it


4. ummmmm...

Ok hi! Sorry it's been like forever since I last updated! I'm jest super bored with school and all.

Ok so school! Umm... Not much. Oh what yes ok so 6th grade went to out door ed and we'll I was in the same cabin as my BFF so ya! When we were at the beach I told her it was ok to tell my crush I liked him! I was getting along with him super we'll before this!😍 we were at a garden and we were having a grate time together! I cind of fell in love with him! So back to the beach so after Zara (my best friend) told Nico (my cruch) I like him he was totally ignoring me! Boys are so nice wen they are alone (with out there friends) and jerks wen that have friends with them! So ya he is still ignoring me!

Hiiii ok so if you are a boy and reading this plz tell me why you do this! Thx a million!

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