Messed up middle school

Hi my name is Sarah and this is about my messed up middle school life hope u like it


2. two bad Friday

I was so happy wen I left my house this morning and now I fell like I am going to die! I got one hour of sleep last night! I feel like a zombie from the waking dead! I was late to my first class and "left" my homework on my desk. But the truth is I did not do my homework... She gave us two days to do a 500 word letter to our end of the year selfs. So stupid in my opinion. Lunch time! Yay I like lunch I get to see my crush but I was in a bad mood so I may have yelled at him for like five minutes or so... I don't even know why I was yelling at him in the first place!? And I was so mad I lost my class list and went to PE to times in a row and I hate PE! So over all the worst day in my first week of school and school started two days before Friday!

I hope u liked this chapter! And it is the 4 week of school wen I am writing this and let me tell u It has not gotten much better than this sadly...😢

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