Just end it tonight, Darling.

Cover credits go to Asteria Grace Wordsmith


1. Darling ~~TRIGGER WARNING~~


Just cry yourself to sleep tonight, darling. You know you'll never be loved. Never be wanted. Never be worth it. Never be happy. So cry; cry your little heart out and hope you don't wake in the morning. No one will care. No one ever does.

Just harm yourself one more time
tonight, darling. Let the crimson color flow. That color you used to grimace at the sight of; you now love to see. Itch to see. Burn to see. Cut to see. Anything and everything to see that color flow freely.

Just hate yourself a little more tonight, darling. We all know you do. So just a little more won't hurt. Hate your ugly eyes. Those disgusting thighs. Your hideous body. Hate the way you talk. The way you dress. The way you will never be perfect. Hate yourself a little more.

Just let your thoughts consume you one last time tonight, darling. Let them warp all the good things you thought you had. Let them tell you what you really are. Let them kill you more and more on the inside. Let them turn the happy to sad. The good to bad. The sane to madness. Let them change it all. Let them consume you.

Just let the darkness devour your soul even more tonight, darling. After all darkness is all you see. All you feel. All you think. Darkness is in everything. Everywhere you look. The once, bright yellow flowers, are now grey dead flowers. The once, blue sky shining in your room, is now dark gloomy clouds the never seem to pass.

Just let your pain to control tonight, darling. Let it all take control. After all, you can't do it anymore. You've broke. Never to be fixed again. Death awaits you, why not speed up the process? Take those pills, slit your wrist, your thighs, and your stomach. Let the blood pour out. Let it all out.

Tonight's your last night here, darling. Let's have a little fun. Take the gun. Pull the trigger. End it all.

Everyone's happy tonight, darling. They'll all happy and now so are you. In the morning they will grieve, but for now let's cherish the happy. Let it all soak up. You're finally gone and everyone's happy. No one will notice. They had there fun and so did you. Yours was painful and no where near as happy as theirs. Your fun was twisted, deceiving, dark. But none the less, you had fun.

Now your covered in scars. They litter your body. But that's okay. They dark thoughts are gone. You are gone. Everything is just as it should be. Because you, darling, are finally dead. The trigger worked. The bullet sliced through tour head killing you almost instantly. Your happiness is finally back. The color is back. What was once, dark and grey, is now bright and colorful. Everything is perfect, darling. You did it.

Just let tonight be your happiness, darling.

You succeeded, darling. You finally succeeded.

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