Everything I Didn't Say

All my life I've been bullied by Luke Hemmings and his friend group. I don't know why, and quite frankly I could care less. I could care less about him, his friends, or his social life. All I care about is my family. Family is everything to me. Since that's all I've ever had. But mess with my family, mess with me. What happens when the guy I thought I got away from in high school, becomes part of my new family? Read my story to find out..


2. Prologue


*2 years ago*

I walk into school with my head hanging low, making my way to my locker, dodging people, trying to stay out of everyone's way. That's the way it has been ever since I can remember. I had no friends here at this place, in fact I've never had a friend before. Except for my family. Sadly they didn't go to school here. Caleb goes to an alternative school down the road, and my adopted sister, Shelby is in her final year in middle school. So I'm all alone.

"Watch where you going, dork!" That familiar voice calls, bumping my shoulder roughly, laughing with the rest of his friends. This is the one and only Luke Hemmings. My bully. Now I have plenty of bullies, but none of them are as intense as him. They may snicker and talk behind my back, but none of them are a physical as him. If you think about it, Luke and his friends are the male copies from the film, Mean Girls.

I stumble from my spot, getting knock over by Luke. I groan, picking myself back up and quickly stepping out of his way. Not making eye contact. Luke, however, stares completely through me in a taunting manner.

Junior year was the same as every year, but this time I wanted my senior year to be better.

*1 year ago*

'Adeline Anderson has never had a boyfriend!' was the rumor that year. As true as it was, I didn't want people to talk about it, because let's face it, everybody knew. This rumor was spread by Luke. My crush back then was a tall framed, guy called Max Griffin. He had talk to me once before only because he was asking me if I had a pencil, and of course I got all nervous and screwed that up. I wound up dropping my pencil bag on the ground sending pencils and pens flying everywhere, and when he reached down to help me, not only did I step on his foot, but I also stabbed him with lead.

Of course Luke had to be there to witness it all go down. That next day and pretty much throughout the rest of the year, I was the big talk of the school. In the worst way possible.

Finally I graduated and I was finally free of that awful place. I remember walking on that stage, my family sitting in the audience so proud of me. I remember thinking about my life without all these people and how great it was going to start getting.

After everyone got their diplomas, the whole class had to take a group photo, boy girl style. With my great luck, I was placed next to Luke. He stepped on my foot fairly hard, making me wince right when the click for the photo was taken. My face was all scrunched up and in pain.

"Later loser. See you never!" Luke had told me before I left with my family. I didn't respond. To be honest, I was trying to figure out why he had taken the time to tell me bye, even if it was in a rude way. I was just glad my ass was out of there! Never to see his face again. One can only hope right?





My new story! I hope you like it! What do you think? Feel free to like, favorite, and comment! Much Love,
~Autumn B.~


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