Everything I Didn't Say

All my life I've been bullied by Luke Hemmings and his friend group. I don't know why, and quite frankly I could care less. I could care less about him, his friends, or his social life. All I care about is my family. Family is everything to me. Since that's all I've ever had. But mess with my family, mess with me. What happens when the guy I thought I got away from in high school, becomes part of my new family? Read my story to find out..


26. Chapter 24


Luke's P.O.V


I really thought that singing her that song would help. I poured a lot of my heart into that song. But at the same time, I could see why she rejected me. I really screwed up this time and she was letting me know just how bad this time.

The boys were gone today with school like things since they are all going to college, and I still don't know what the hell I want to do with my life, and mum and dad are gone with the Andersons again. I've been faking sick ever since my fallout with Addy. I found out she has been too when mum came home and told me about it.

She keeps trying to get me to go over there and make sure she's doing okay, but I can't bare to have her look at me with such disgust.

I'm currently laying on my bed, throwing a base ball in the air thinking about Adeline. I wonder if she's still thinking about me? With a sigh, I turn my body towards my closet to where I'm laying on my side. I catch a glimpse of the high school items she had stashed in her box that I took awhile back.

I know how to get her back.


"Luke, are you feeling any better?" Mum coos as she comes through the door after her long day with the Andersons.

"Actually, I'm doing better. You think we can go over to the Anderson's? I have something I want to let everyone know." I nod.

"Of course." Mum nods.

We exit our flat and make our way next door. "Ah Luke! It's been a while since I've seen of you. I thought you died." Shelby exclaims giggling in the doorway, letting us in.

"Luke." Caleb nods to me. "Feeling better?" He raises his eyebrows, seeing through my lie.

I nod. "Could all of you guys please take a seat in the lounge? I have something I need to say." I say a little loud for everyone to hear. Eventually, everyone files in; Adeline making her way in last with her head down.

I sigh and rub my face. 'Are you sure you wanna do this?' I ask myself. 'Of course! This is the only way. The last resort.' I scream at myself, feeling my stomach churn with dread. I grab the cardboard box that I had put on the table and shamefully walk into the lounge.

"So I guess you all are wondering why I wanted to talk to you. Well I guess I just wanted to finally come clean with you all today." As I'm talking, Addy's eyes go wide and she discretely shakes her head. I swallow down the rest of my dread and pull out the cap and gown from the box. "Firstly, I haven't been sick. I've actually been really depressed lately, and I'm about to tell you why. This." I gesture to the items in my hands. "This is Adeline's graduation outfit. But this one is mine." I pull out my own outfit. "Andersons, I did go to the same school as Adeline. I've known her all along, but I wasn't honest with you."

"I wasn't honest with you guys because what I did to her in high school was really bad. So bad I could never forgive myself for it." I stop and let everyone's confused and shocked expression sink in. Turning to the box, I pull out the god awful picture that I ruined for her. "This is the last class picture we ever took as a class." I hand the picture to Rose, letting her pass it down. "I ruined that picture for her, by stomping on her foot. I don't know why I would do that to her, so don't ask me. There is no excuse. Not only did I do all that to her, but I would call her names and make up things about her. You wanna know why? I liked her. I didn't just like her, I loved her. And I still do." I glance over at her and she is now crying, along with her mother, and mine as well. A sight that took by breath in the worst way possible.

"I loved her so much that I took it to the level where if I couldn't have her, no one would. And as I'm learning, it's coming back to bite me. Over the past few weeks, we were getting along. We were getting along so well that I actually got a chance to be her boyfriend. I was lucky enough to have her forgive all the brutal things I did to her and call her mine. I messed that up though. This time I messed up more than I could ever imagine. So bad, I don't know if there's any going back. To say that I'm sorry would be an understatement. To say I screwed up would be an understatement. But I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, Adeline for everything that I put you through. I'm sorry for ruining your life. And if you really cared like you said you did before, you'll give me one more chance to make it right. To show you how much I love you. That's all I know to say."

When I finish my speech, my mum gets up from where she's at, running outside with Rose and my father and Marcus on her heels. Shelby and Caleb awkwardly stand up and walk upstairs, leaving me and Adeline. We don't say anything for what felt like the longest moment in my life. "That was brave, what you just did." She finally speaks up.

"You make me brave."

"You shouldn't have done that."

"I wanted to. This was my way of making it up to you. To show you how much you mean to me."

Adeline sighs kicking her foot back and forth on the ground. "I forgive you." She says so quietly I could barely hear her.


"You heard me. Plus how could I not forgive you after this." She smiles through her tears, approaching me closer.

I instantly pull her by her waist, wanting her pressed to me. "I love you." I whisper as our heads are touching.

"I love you too." Her words send chills down my arms. She stands on her tip toes and as our lips are about to become one again, the front door bursts open, sending us flying from one another.

"Luke Robert Hemmings! We're leaving now!" My mum growls. She used my full name, so I know she's mad.

"I'll be back later." I whisper to her before practically getting dragged out of there by my ears.




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