Everything I Didn't Say

All my life I've been bullied by Luke Hemmings and his friend group. I don't know why, and quite frankly I could care less. I could care less about him, his friends, or his social life. All I care about is my family. Family is everything to me. Since that's all I've ever had. But mess with my family, mess with me. What happens when the guy I thought I got away from in high school, becomes part of my new family? Read my story to find out..


18. Chapter 16


Adeline's P.O.V


The sweet summer wind hits my face as I walk blindly up and down the street. Ever since me being in the hospital, I just feel different. Like normally I wouldn't want to walk about. I hate exercise. And I also never felt the need to have friends before. Most certainly, I never felt the need to want Luke before.

Now it seems that I want him more than ever. I want to taste his lips again. Feel his strong arms wrap around my waist. Better yet, I want to fall asleep in his arms again. But this time I don't want to wake up in his bed alone.

"Where you heading?" I look up to find Calum walking the opposite direction as me.

"Oh hi.. urm I'm just walking."

"Can I join? I'm not doing anything."

'Why would you want to join me?" I give him a confused look, which he returns. "Sure. I guess. I mean, if you want to."

Calum nods and drifts by my side, most likely recalling all the surrounding he just walked past. "So what brings you here?"

"Like I said. Walking. I think I just needed to clear my mind, ya know?"

"I go on walks sometimes to clear my mind."

"Do you?"


"Oh.." I drag out, finally realizing that he was being sarcastic. After a long silence, I ask. "So why exactly did you want to join me with my stroll? Aren't you and the boys hanging out or something?" As I speak, I feel my face glow, thinking about Luke.

"They're all hung over." He chuckles. "Hangovers don't really faze me. I don't they just never have."

"You guys got drunk last night?"

"After you left, we went to the bar. Luke and I-" Calum abruptly stops what he's saying, completely changing the subject. Something I thought was odd. "Anyways.."

"Anyways.." I repeat. "Is Luke home now?"

"We are all at Mike's. His mum would kill him if she found out about Luke drinking, so we all spent the night at his flat. You can come over there if you want."



"Anderson. Pleasure to see you here." Michael opens the door to Calum and I, as I play with the strings of my jacket. "Luke is in here. Laying pathetically in his sickness."

I walk in and find and a very beautiful shirtless, and much to my surprise, pantless Luke. "Addy! I-I didn't know you were coming over. I would've put clothes on." Luke blushes, covering himself with his blanket, but leaving his chest bare.

"Hi." I smile, sitting on the edge of the couch. Calum walks over and sits down in front of the television, taking off his shoes.

Luke's faces goes sour. "Did you walk over here with Calum?"

I nod. "I did. We crossed paths while we were walking and I was concerned about your health, and your wellbeing, so he invited me over."

"You. Concerned about me?" He asks, jealously turning into awe.

I nod again. "I guess. So how are you? Do you need anything?"

"Actually." He coughs. "I think I'm catching a cold. Could you find me a shirt?"

"Of course." I get up, and I head towards Michael since I don't know this place. "Hey Michael?"


"Luke wants a shirt. Where is it?"

"Oh he can borrow one of mine. I like the way he looks in my shirts. Luke's so hot. You know I keep asking him out, but it's funny he say he's got his eyes on one certain lady." Michael jokes, kind of.

"Luke is hot. But he's mine."

"Look at you." He smirks, leading me to his room. "When are you guys going to get official?"

"I'm still trying to sort out my feelings, so I don't know yet."

"Get on that quick before anybody else does." He hand me the black and white checkered shirt.


"I really like this shirt on him."

I shake my head and return to Luke as he sits there holding his head coughing. "You think I'm hot?" He smiles, thanking me for the shirt.

"Just a little bitty itty bitty hot." I giggle, pinching my fingers together to give him a visual.

When he raises up, I catch a glimpse of a purple looking bruise on his left peck in the shape of lips. "What's that?" I point at it.

"Wha- oh nothing- uh I..."





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