Everything I Didn't Say

All my life I've been bullied by Luke Hemmings and his friend group. I don't know why, and quite frankly I could care less. I could care less about him, his friends, or his social life. All I care about is my family. Family is everything to me. Since that's all I've ever had. But mess with my family, mess with me. What happens when the guy I thought I got away from in high school, becomes part of my new family? Read my story to find out..


14. Chapter 12


Luke's P.O.V


"I talked to my dad about your tree house." Adeline tells me.


"Really?" I wonder. To be honest, I thought that this was just one of those things you say in the moment.


She nods. "I mean sure it's going to take a while for it to get here, but you'll get it. Something about precautions and stuff about how you don't live there anymore."

"You're amazing." I wink at her. Addy shows a small smile that doesn't reach her eyes. She dangles her feet off the side of the pool, kicking them back and forth. "Get in."

"I'm good." She shakes her head. "I'll just watch."

"I hate to break it to you, but your getting in."

"No. Luke." She giggles as I grab her by her waist and bring her in the pool, the water quickly washing over her. This lets me get a good look down her bikini top, I do say so myself.

"You're so beautiful." I whisper.

"I'm-I've never heard anyone say that other that my family." She looks away shyly.

I pull her chin gently in my direction. "Don't let anyone tell you that your not. That's not true."

"You did." She quietly retorts, barely above a whisper.

I feel my face burn with humiliation. "And I regret that with all my fibers."

"Luke! Adeline! Lunch!" Caleb calls from the backdoor, making her jump from my grasp.


Later that night, I kept thinking about her. How she reminded me of, and still does, the way I treated her. That's something she'll never forget, and it kills me.

On a happier note: At least she is letting me touch her. And I even got to kiss her. I actually had to pull away, because I was afraid of losing my cool on her.

I start to imagine if I was able to let lose on her and do all the things I'd love to do to her. I imagine me pinning her against the wall and passionately kissing her in all the right places. My member rises just thinking about it, the urge becoming strong.

Mum was in the kitchen and dad was in the lounge with me watching a television show. Quickly I jump up from the couch and enter my bathroom. I let the vibrant images rush through me as I begin to stroke myself.

I picture Addy lying on my bed, begging me to take her. Me wrapping her long strawberry blonde hair around my fists and her moaning for me. I pump myself with one hand, and keep the other hand on the counter for support as I feel my legs go weak. I moan quietly seeing as there were people in the other rooms.

I think of her screaming my name and her wanting more. Me giving it too her harder and harder. I accidentally moan loud as I reach my climax, picturing myself pumping in and out of her.

In the process, I made a mess on the floor. I grab a rag and wet it down under the water, and clean up my mess. I sit on my bed, after that, and just let my mind go blank.

My chest rising and falling, still out of breath from the naughty things I've just done. I clear my mind of all things including, Adeline. I just stare at the empty gray ceiling, running my hands through my spiked up fringe.




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