Everything I Didn't Say

All my life I've been bullied by Luke Hemmings and his friend group. I don't know why, and quite frankly I could care less. I could care less about him, his friends, or his social life. All I care about is my family. Family is everything to me. Since that's all I've ever had. But mess with my family, mess with me. What happens when the guy I thought I got away from in high school, becomes part of my new family? Read my story to find out..


12. Chapter 10


Everyone had left for a while, seeing as Adeline's parents had work, and Caleb was probably sleeping from being up all night, and Shelby was to young to come back to the ICU. I sit there with her hand in mine, slightly crying. "Addy, I'm so sorry that I did this to you. I don't know what I was thinking. I thought what I was doing earlier was the right thing to do. Please forgive me. Adeline, I love you." I sob.

"Mate?" Ash questions, welcoming himself inside the hospital room. "How long have you been here?"

"All night. I'm not leaving her." I sniffle.

Ash nods understanding. "I came to check on you. Liz said you didn't come home last night."

"I did this to her, Ashton. I'm the reason why she's laying in this bed right now."

"Everyone makes mistakes."

"Not as bad as me. She can't even look in a fucking mirror anymore because of the hurtful things I've said to her in high school."

Ashton sighs, putting his hands on his face. "To be honest I wish I knew what to say, but I don't. Maybe she'll forgive you. Maybe she won't. Remember I told you not to do this to her."

"Yes, Ash, because you always used to boss me around. Everything I did revolved around your judgments."

"I didn't boss you. I was trying to look out for you. Maybe she won't forgive you. If she's smart enough, she'll stay away from you after this. You don't deserve a second chance." Ashton huffs and trudges out of the room.

He was right. I don't deserve a second chance. But that doesn't mean I'll give up. She means everything to me. She always has. "I'll be back later, my love." I whisper, slowly unraveling my hand from hers.


Michael and I walk upon the lit up street near the hospital. The street lights lit up the street like spotlights. "I got a new game system." Michael beams, striking up the conversation.

I laugh. "Of course you did."

"You can come over and play sometime if you want." He laughs back.

"Remember when we first met, and I didn't like you because I thought it was lame to be a gamer?"

"Ahh yeah. I used to think you were so cool cause you had older brothers keeping you company at school, and I wanted that. But when I actually asked you to hang out with me, you didn't want to at first, but Jack made you go to be nice."

"Gah yeah. I was dreading that too. But when I finally got over there and realized we had more of the same interests, I was like 'You know he's not that bad.'" He both laugh.

"Good times." We both remain silent for a moment, before he adds. "You might wanna get back to Adeline. She could be awake."

I nod. "Sure. See you later, yeah?"

When I got back to the room, Addy was still out. The nurse told me that she had woken up, but right now she was just sleeping. "Hey Addy. I know you don't want me here, but I'm here. Sorry I wasn't here when you woke up." I sigh and sit back again. Staring at her beautiful, peaceful body. "I promise when you wake up, I'll be gone. I won't bother you again, no matter how much it hurts. If that's what makes you happy, then I'll leave."

Adeline stirs. "Don't go, Luke. I need you."





Second update for the day, I just got bored. If you haven't known, I'm putting this story on hold, as you can see in the title. Its because some people are unliking this story and I think its not good enough so I should stop for a while..sorry...so...yeah. But anyways I'm making a new story now. It's a Harry Styles fanfiction and its called Dreaming Of You. But anyways, as I always say, feel free to Like, Favorite, and Comment!
Much Love,
~Autumn B.~


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