How Did We End Up Here? l.h & m.c

Aurora-Rose, 19, is a beautiful young woman, magically blessed with wavy waist-length golden hair like sunshine, violet eyes, a tall and slender figure, and lips that shame the red rose. Her complexion is fair and flawless. She is also extremely talented, but her singing and dancing is outstanding.

this unique teenage girl finds herself falling for two guys, in the same band, best friends, same age. What is she to do?

A Luke Hemmings and Michael Clifford Fanfiction.
A bit of smut, but I'll warn you before!


2. A/N

Hey my Fellow 5sos fam!

hope you enjoyed my chapter (if you read it) I'm going to write a couple more chapters and hope for reviews....



please guys, help  me improve! Tell me what you want :)

for those who are reading this;

I love you!

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