Her Eyes * L.H *

Luke Hemmings just started a new school. He gets three new friends; Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood & Michael Clifford. After awhile he starts to notice a strange girl walking around.
Delilath; Her eyes are pure black. She looks like a demon. She always get black eyes when she's depressed, alone, or suicidal. What happens when she is all the three at the same times?


1. 1

" Luke get up! You are joining a new school, you know? " My mum yelled and i groaned.

" Five more minutes! " I yelled back, but she responded with a ' No ¨', I groaned and got up. I got my skinny jeans on, and a Nirvana shirt on. I fixed my hair and brushed my teeth, and walked downstairs where my mum should be.

" Are you gonna drive or should i drive you? " She asks and i groan; Again.

" I can drive myself jesus mom! " I said quite annoyed.

" Okay okay! My baby is a big boy! " She said happily and i mentally face palmed. I got my backpack and got into my black sportscar. My family was rich; so thats a good thing. I wasn't like the old posh guys. We just have alot of money because my fathers job.



I entered the school building and went up to the principals office.

" Uh hi i'm Luke Hemmings, i'm new here " I mumbled and she smiled at me. 

" Your teacher is comming soon and you can just follow him " She said and faked a smile.



MInutes later i saw a young man walking towards me.

" Hello, you must be Luke, Luke Hemmings? " He asked in a deeper australian voice, i just nodded and started following him to my classroom.

" You can just sit down and wait for the others to come inside " My teacher said and i sat down on a desk he chose for me.





 A few minutes later, the bell rang. Alot of cheerleaders came in first. I never really dated cheerleaders because i never liked the attention, and i wanted one who liked the same music as me. Three boys walked in after the cheerleaders. They seemed pretty chill. One had black hair, one had raven black and the last one had brown hair in a man bun. They had band tees on so i assumed they liked the bands i do.


One of them sat down beside me and looked at me.

" You new? " He asked and i nodded.

" Hang with us kid, you'll have a great time, i'm Calum, by the way " He said, and i nodded again. " I'm Luke " 

" I'm Michael and this is my boyfriend.. Ashhttoooonnnn " The black haired boy said and the boy i assumed was Ash pecked his lips. ( MASHTON IS REAL OKAY )

" Goals " I said and Calum agreed.

After a couple of other guys came in, a girl came in. Her skin was pale, her hair was black, and her clothes were all black too.

She turned her head. I could see her face. Her eyes were all black. 

" Oh fuck, the freak is back! " Someone yelled. Her eyebrows furrowed, and she sat down.

She put her head in her pale hands, and mumbled something no one seemed to hear.

" I heard about your attempt this summer, too bad you failed. I even found your instagram account, suicidezilence really? You freak! " Someone said behind her.

( Suicidezilence is actually my account wOPS ) 

" Leave her alone! " I managed to say, and everyone stared at me.

Then the teacher came in, and everyone went quiet.



School was finally over, but i wanted to learn more about the girl with the black eyes. She seemed so down; so sad.






Okay so hey wassup guys im calzabruh and welcum to my new fanfic mashton is real dont fucking hate or ill put ashtons drumsticks inside your anus

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