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     Don't make a fool of yourself, If you are sorted into anything other than Slytherin father will be disappointed... I thought looking at my father, who was expressing, instead of his usual emotion, a look of wonder as I stepped up to the sorting hat. Oh yes, daughter of Severus Snape, I have been longing to sort you into your rightful place...Now lets see dear please stop blocking your mind I see you are very advanced...Gryffindor wouldn't do you any justice, and that's a fact, Hufflepuff wouldn't help you either I am afraid even though you take loyalty's very seriously....Ravenclaw and Slytherin my dear are the ones you fit in the best...better be SLYTHERIN! The hat yelled as I felt the pressure ease as I stepped down the steps, taking my seat with my fellow classmates, my fellow Slytherin's.                                                                                                                                                                                              "'Silence" my fathers cold voice filled the stone Slytherin Common Room, "I am your head of house Professor Snape, although I doubt I will have trouble with any of you I must go over a few ground rules... Classes start at 9 am sharp, lunch is at 12:45... now off to bed." As I passed my father I heard him whisper "nicely done Ansel."


Authors Note

I know this is a fairly small update but i would like your feedback on the story as far as it has gotten.

Do you like this?  Do you like my other Movella's "The Boy WIth The Plants" better? Thanks in advance

even reading this story out of the hundreds that are out there!


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