Black heart

life is so much easier if you have no heart and no feelings. all of Lia's Ex's have been assholes or players. when she moves into city alone she meets Cooper Reed and thats where the mess and feelings get attached.


1. Cooper




"it will be fine! come one." Emily said as she took me by my hand and i followed her to harbor. it was full of teenagers Emily hugged almost everyone who walked past she knew everyone and i knew non. there was alcohol and soon my vision was bit blurry and adrenaline  was running in my veins. "Cooper!" Emily said wrapping arms around tall guy. "Emily. what the hell." the raspy voice said. "you are drunk." he said. "yeah. Emily get of Cooper." Krishna  Emily's other friend said pushing Emily of the guy who was lightly socked. "This is Cooper he is the best. and Cooper my girl. Magnolia." Emily spoke. "hey." the guys said looking me and smiling. "just call me Lia." i said. "sure." he said. "i want to sit down." i said as i hold my head in my hands. "my head hurts." i groaned closing my eyes. the bench was full there was no room i looked the bench. "Emily i'm coming to sit on your lap." i said. "no. you are too heavyy." she cried. "i need to sit down. my head feel weird." i said. "you can sit on my lap." Cooper said. "okay." i said carefully sitting on his lap. "mm you are warm." i mumbled as the cold wind blew. "your legs are warm." he said as he placed his hands on my lap. i giggled. damn i am wasted. "i like your hair." he said. running his hands on my hair. "it's so soft i could fell asleep  on them." he said placing his head on my shoulder. "haha. okay you can have them." i said. "can you be my wife?" he asked. "yeah why not." i spoke. "our kids will have your hair and your eyes." he said. i turned to look at him and raised my eye brows and giggled to him. "don't laugh." he said smiling. "okay husband." i said. "great." he said kissing my cheek. 

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