She Is Not Afraid

Angelina is a girl who thinks she doesn’t have a heart. She’s not afraid of anything but love. Which she thinks does not exist. She lost her mother and sister at a young age. Her father and she were not too close. Soon her father falls for a women and they decide to get married. She comes to know that her stepmother is the mother of HARRY STYLES -one of the members of one direction. Will they have a good or bad experience and what will happen when they come to know about her past ???


9. Chapter 9

Niall’s POV

As soon as I heard that Ange was in trouble I tried asking Harry the matter but he had already gone. I rushed to the room where everyone was sleeping. I shook them up. “Guy’s wake up Ange’s in trouble.” As they heard this they all woke up.

Liam- “What’s the matter Niall?”

Niall – “I don’t know Liam.”

Louis- “Then how’s Ange in trouble?”

Niall- “Harry told me. He has already gone. He was looking scared.”

Zayn – “Let’s go guys.”

We all went to Ange’s house. When we entered the whole house was turned upside down. We all hurried to Ange’s room where we saw Ange sitting on the bed and crying while Harry was standing , holding his head with one hand and the other hand on his waist.

Ange’s POV

As soon as Harry heard that I was raped he was shocked. He slowly pulled away and stood up. “Harry you promised you will not leave me.”I said. But no reply came. More tears began to stream down my face. And then I saw the other boys.

They all came upto me. Zayn sat down near me.

Zayn – “What’s the matter love?”

Louis – “Who did this to you?”

Niall – “I think we should call a doctor guys.”

Liam – “Harry, Ange would you two please speak up and tell what has happened?”

I just couldn’t tell them. What will they think of me when they come to know that I was…. I sat there crying more and more. I wanted to get up from there and run away. But I couldn’t. The boys kept asking questions but I didn’t answer. That’s when Harry shouted “She was raped guys!” As he said these words I saw everyone’s face. They all were staring me. After saying this Harry went out of the room. How could he do this. He promised me that he’ll not leave.

I lost my patience and shouted “You promised me Harry you’ll not leave. But you broke it. I thought I could trust you but…..the world’s right Harry that a stepbrother can never be a real brother.”

 When I saw Zayn coming forward to hug me I totally lost it “Go away from me. All of you. I don’t want anyone.”

Zayn – “Love calm down.”

Me – “You want me to calm down then go away and don’t come back.”

My phone began to vibrate. It was Nick’s phone. I thought he was the only one who will support me so I picked up the phone.

Nick -“Hey!”

Me -“Come down to my place right now.”

When I kept the phone down I heard Liam saying to Niall  “She can trust him but not us?”

Me – “You want me to trust you? I tried it Liam. But what happened? He left me. Right? Now leave me alone!

They had nothing to say so they went away. From shouting so much I was breathing heavily. I calmed down but still I was crying. Till now it was just what happened, but now it Harry. How stupid I was to think that he will stay by my side no matter what.

Harry’s POV

As I was going down the stairs I heard Ange shouting but as she said “the world’s right Harry that a stepbrother can never be a real brother” it broke my heart. I knew I should have supported her but I just did’nt knew what to do. I looked around me, everything was such a mess. I started cleaning up the place when the boys came down. I asked them “Did she calm down? Did she stop crying?” They all shook their head.

Zayn – “How could you do this Harry?”

Harry – “What did I do?!”

Zayn – “What did you do?! You should have supported her. You should have wiped her tears. You should have gave her the courage to come over this situation. You should……”

Harry – “Why don’t you go and do all this?”

Louis- “Because she believes that we can’t keep promises.”

As we were having the conversation I saw the main door opening. It was Nick.

Nick – “What the hell happened here?”

Harry – “You should go upstairs.”

Nick – “But…”

Harry – “Go upstairs!”

After he had gone all of us started cleaning the place up.

Nick’s POV

I went upstairs and opened the door. I saw Ange sitting and crying. I went over to her and sat next to her. She layed her head on my shoulder. I wrapped my hand around her.

Ange – “He’s back Nick.”

Nick – “Who?”

Ange – “P-Peter”

Nick – “But he was sentenced to 3 years in prison.”

Ange – “I know, but with him there was someone else.”

Nick –  “Who?”

Ange - “It was….ummm…..Ashley!”

Nick – “ I’m gonna kill her!”

I stood up when Ange grabbed my hand and as she also tried to stand up she said “ouch.”

Nick- “What happened?”

Ange – “I think my leg broke.”

Nick – “They beated you up?”

She said “yeah” showing me her face and hands. “You’ve got to go to the doctor Ange!” I told her. But as usual she said a no. I picked her up in the bridal style and made my way down the stairs. “Please Nick I don’t want to go to the hospital!”she said. I didn’t listen to her and just kept walking. I reached the door when someone called my name “Nick.” I turned around and saw Niall standing there.

Nick – “Yeah?”

Niall – “Where are you going?” 

Nick – “Taking her to the hospital.”

Niall – “Why?”

Nick – “Her leg is broken.”

Niall – “Let me go with you!”

Nick – “Ohk!”

We all went outside Niall sat on the driving seat and I slowly placed Ange in the car with her head in my laps. Niall started driving.

Niall – “ I’m sorry! Ange”

Ange – “For what?”

Niall – “For not supporting you.”

Ange – “It’s alright Niall!”

Niall – “Really?”

Ange – “Yeah”

Niall’s POV

We reached hospital in less than 20 minutes. I helped Ange in getting out of the car after which she went inside with Nick. Suddenly my phone buzzed. I saw it was Zayn’s. I picked it up.

Zayn – “Where are you three?”

Niall – “We’re at the hospital!”

Zayn – “ Why are you at the hospital?”

Niall – “She had a broken leg.”

Zayn – “We’re on our way!”

I put the phone away and went inside the hospital , when I heard someone “It’s NIALL HORAN!” Oh shit! I started running and entered into a room to save myself. I turned around and saw a girl and a boy.

The girl came up to me and said “Are you Niall Horan?” “Yeah” I replied.

“Can I get your autograph?” she screamed. “Sure” I smiled. I gave her my autograph and asked “whom should I make it to?” she said “Ashley”.

Niall – “I guess that’s your name?”

Ashley – “yeah!”

Niall – “ By the way what happened to your boyfriend?”

Ashley – “He got hit by a car.”

Niall – “ Hey buddy get well soon!”

Peter – “ Thanks buddy!” “But what brings you here?”

Niall – “Oh! Harry’s sister broke her leg!”

Ashley – “Can I see her?”

Niall - “yeah! Sure!”

We both headed towards Ange’s room. I saw Harry wandering here and there. But it looked like he was not looking for Ange’s room but someone’s else.

Niall – “Hey Harry! Your sis’s room is there.”

Harry – “I know mate. But I’m looking for someone else.” “Hey you! I think you are the girl who got hit by my car ?”

Ashley – “yeah! You’re right!” “I can’t believe I’m meeting Harry Styles!”

Harry – “are you alright? And your boyfriend?”

Ashley – “We both are all right.”

Harry – “Okay”

Niall – “Let’s go Harry.”

We all entered Ange’s room and saw all the boys there. Ange was sitting on the bed with Nick.

Ange’s POV

The doctor had plastered my broken leg. It kept hurting and I was holding Nick’s hand as tight as I could. Soon all the boys came in except harry. “Where’s Niall?” I asked. “ I’m here.” He says entering the room. I looked up and with him was a girl I never wanted to see. “What are you doing here?” I asked her. She smiled evilly but shocked. I started shouting “take her away from me!” “ I don’t want to see her!”I saw Nick standing up with anger in his eyes. “Please Nick don’t go away from me. She will hurt me again.” “I’m going nowhere. Don’t worry.”  He got seated back and said “Guys please take her away from here.” The boys told her to go out and she was gone. I sat there, sobbing lightly.

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