She Is Not Afraid

Angelina is a girl who thinks she doesn’t have a heart. She’s not afraid of anything but love. Which she thinks does not exist. She lost her mother and sister at a young age. Her father and she were not too close. Soon her father falls for a women and they decide to get married. She comes to know that her stepmother is the mother of HARRY STYLES -one of the members of one direction. Will they have a good or bad experience and what will happen when they come to know about her past ???


6. Chapter 6

The next morning I woke up with someone shaking me. I opened my eyes and saw Harry shouting “wake up sis!” As soon as I saw him I yelled “What are you doing in my room?!!” He backed off and said “Ange they are going don’t you want to say a goodbye!” On hearing this I pushed him causing him to fall and ran downstairs. I saw Anne and Dad standing near a cab. I went running and hugged both of them together. I whispered “Have fun.”

When I pulled away I saw Harry coming towards them and they hugged him. They pulled away and Anne said “You better take care of her  Harry!” when Niall shouted “Don’t worry Anne we all will take care of her.” We all laughed. They sat in the cab and waved us goodbye. Soon they were out of sight. I turned around to face  Harry. He was standing with both his hands crossed around his chest. “Don’t you all dare to enter my room.”I said pointing to everyone.

Zayn – “Hey! Love what’s this mark on your hands?” he said pointing on my shoulder.

Ange – “What mark?” 

I started to look but couldn’t see. That’s when Zayn came close to me and touched where the mark was. It pained but I felt my legs couldn’t move as if frozen because of Zayn’s touch. That’s when Louis shouted “Guys I think we should run.” We all looked back and a bunch of girls were running towards us. We all started to run and in a second we were inside, safe and sound.

“Is it always like this?” I asked them.“Always!” Liam said. “Oh” I said as we went inside the house.

Harry – “I think we should apply some medicine on the marks.”

Ange – “No I’m fine.” I said politely.

The fact was that I hated medicines. But I wonder how did I get these marks and actually they were hurting a lot. I’m happy that Dad didn’t see them or else he would have taken the whole house on his head.

Liam – “But……..”

Ange – “It’s okay! Liam. I’m fine.”

Louis – “I think we should cancel going to shopping.”

Ange – “ No Louis! I’m totally fine and we are going to buy the stuff today only.”

Niall – “But we can go tomorrow.”

Ange – “No! I’m not free tomorrow.”

Harry – “Why? What are you doing tomorrow?”

Ange – “Just some stuff.” “ Now go get ready.” “The first one get’s to drive.”

They all headed to the front gate. “ Guys back door. Remember” I reminded them. “Oh yeah” they said.

When all of them had gone I went to take a shower. I washed my hair. Then I dried my hair and walked over to my wardrobe. I took a out a pink short and a white tank top. With them I wore flat boots . I left my hairs open. I grabbed my phone and checked my phone. I was ready in fifteen minutes and still there was half an hour so I decided to eat something. I took a bowl and poured some milk and cereal into it. As I was eating I felt someone was watching me. I looked all around me but there was no one. I quickly finished it and decided to go out. I still had twenty minutes. I got out of the door and closed the door behind me.

I walked over to my car and I was so happy that not even one boys had got ready. I texted Nick.

Ange- “I’ll be there in 20 minutes. Be ready.”

Nick – “I’m already ready.”

I didn’t mind replying back. I slipped the phone into my pocket when I saw the boys coming over. Well for the first time there were no fans.

Ange – “I’m driving.”I shouted.

Louis – “But how can you be ready so fast?”

Ange- “I’m not your typical teenage girl.”

Louis said “whatever”. Then got seated in the car. I was in the passenger seat next to me was Harry. Zayn was sitting behind me and I could see he was staring me. Next to him was Louis and Liam. At the back seat it was Niall.

I drove to Nick’s house. He was standing outside. I stopped the car and he got inside. He sat with Niall on the back seat. Then I started driving again when Nick said “what happened to your hand Ange?” He asked worried. “Nothing just some marks.” I replied. “Who did them?” he asked worried. “I don’t know.” He raised his eyebrows.  “Believe me I have asked this question to myself many times since the morning.”

Nick – “Have you applied medicine on it?”

Ange – “Nick! I hate medicines.”

Nick – “Okay !Okay!”

Well the rest of the ride was quite. First we went to starbucks because the boys were hungry. After eating we went to the buy some school stuff. After that the boys wanted to buy some clothes so we went and each of them bought about ten bags and I and Nick were standing there with our jaws dropped. “Have you guys bought the clothes for the whole month?” I asked them. “No it’s just for the week.” Liam explained. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” I said surprised. “No really.” Liam said. “Okay now let’s get going. I’m already tired” I said complaining. We all headed back to the car. This time Zayn was sitting next to me.

The whole way they kept singing. I dropped Nick home. As we came near to the boys house Zayn asked me “Hey do you wanna watch a movie tomorrow?” “Sorry Zayn I’m busy tomorrow.” I said unwillingly. Actually I wanted to go with him.

Louis – “I know why she’s busy!”

Ange – “Why?” I asked shocked.

Louis – “You’ll be going to shopping? Right?”

Me – “Yeah.” I said calming down because, this was not the truth. The truth was I used to go to studio to record my songs for every music class which used to be on Monday.  And tomorrow was Sunday.

Harry – “Mate how did you know that?”

Louis – “Hazza! I think I have a girl friend?”

Harry – “Oh yeah!” “By the way how are the three princesses?”

Me – “Three princesses?”

Louis – “Oh! We forget to tell you. They are our girlfriends.”

Me – “Oh!” “But why three and not five?”

Niall- “Me and Hazza are single.”

“Oh” was all that I could say because that meant Louis, Liam and Zayn were committed. The fact that Zayn was committed , made my heart sink. But why? I don’t like Zayn. I can’t. What’s happening to you Angelina?  You can’t like him.

Niall – “Soon I will be committed too.”

Me – “How?”

Niall – “Since you are single, we can........”

Me – “In your dreams.”

I saw Harry hitting him in the head.

Niall – “Harry I’m joking.”

Harry – “You better be.”

We reached their house and they waved me goodbye. I drove to my house and parked the car. 

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