She Is Not Afraid

Angelina is a girl who thinks she doesn’t have a heart. She’s not afraid of anything but love. Which she thinks does not exist. She lost her mother and sister at a young age. Her father and she were not too close. Soon her father falls for a women and they decide to get married. She comes to know that her stepmother is the mother of HARRY STYLES -one of the members of one direction. Will they have a good or bad experience and what will happen when they come to know about her past ???


3. Chapter 3

I walked over to the back door and saw the boys outside. I opened the door. They all were scanning me from up to down. Suddenly one of them spoke. I knew it was Harry because I saw his photo in Anne’s house.

Harry- Hey! I’m harry.

Pulling his hands for a shake.

Ange- I’m  Angelina.

We shook hands. And he hugged me. I pulled away.

The next one introduced himself.

Louis – Hi! Angelina. I’m Louis!

Ange – Hi! It’s just Ange.

The next one had blonde hair and looked like Irish.

Ange – Niall? Right?

Niall – Yeah you’re right. See guy’s she knows my name.

The next came.

Liam – Hey! I’m Liam.

Ange – Hi ! Ange.

The last one caught my eye. He was really cute.

Zayn – Hey! I’m Zayn.

Ange – Hi! A-Ange.

I didn’t know why I was stuttering. He started laughing. He pulled me in a hug. And for the first time I felt butterflies in my stomach. What was happening to me? I really didn’t know. I pulled away. He knocked me out from the thoughts.

Zayn- Love what’s the matter?

Ange- Nothing.

Surely this guy knows how to make a girl fall for him. And I thought I was going to be another victim so I quickly closed the door and went over to where the others were. But as soon as we all sat down the bell rang again and I groaned. I went to open the door and saw Nick standing there. Well something was really different. I noticed tears in his eyes. I just don’t get it why is everyone crying today.

I held him by his hands and banged the door behind us. I took him up to my room and said “ stay here I will be right back.” I went downstairs and Anne asked “ What’s the matter sweety?” I made a sorry face and said “ Anne I’m so sorry I need to solve a problem. I’ll be back soon.” “Okay.” Was the last word she spoke before I went back to my room.

I saw Nick sitting at the edge of the my bed. I swear I never saw him crying. I went over to him and sat next to him.

Ange – What’s the matter Nick?

He took a deep breath.

Nick – I -I –I saw Ashley k-k-kissing a boy and she took him inside her a-a-a-apartment.

I immediately called Ashley. She picked up the phone.

Ash –  Wassup Ange??

Ange – Shut up! Ash I know you’re with a guy in your apartment.

Ash – w-w-what boy???

Ange – Don’t act innocent Ash. Nick saw himself. How could you do this to him??

Ash- It’s my life. And yeah I’m with Nick because he is the most popular guy. That’s it.

The phone was on speaker and Nick heard everything. He took the phone  and yelled “ I’m breaking up with you. You’re not worth it.” And before she could say anything he switched off the phone.

Ange – Nick you don’t need to cry over this girl who used you. She’s not worth you!

Nick –  I wish I was like you!

Ange – You are like me because you are my brother. Now get up.

I wiped his tears. Made him stand and kissed on his cheeks. As I whispered in his ears “ I’ve got a surprise for you.”

He got excited and asked “what.”

I took his hand and we walked downstairs and when he saw 1D, he froze there.

I introduced 1D and Nick. They started to talk to each other. Harry was sitting beside me. He asked “Is he your boyfriend?”

I was a bit shocked. “NO” I said defending myself.

After some time of chatting we had dinner. While we were having dinner my dad and Anne went out in the lawn. My eyes kept following them when a question got my attention.

Zany asked Nick “Is she your girlfriend?”

“NO!” Nick answered.

I just don’t understand, these boys met me today and are so interested in my personal life.

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