She Is Not Afraid

Angelina is a girl who thinks she doesn’t have a heart. She’s not afraid of anything but love. Which she thinks does not exist. She lost her mother and sister at a young age. Her father and she were not too close. Soon her father falls for a women and they decide to get married. She comes to know that her stepmother is the mother of HARRY STYLES -one of the members of one direction. Will they have a good or bad experience and what will happen when they come to know about her past ???


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Well three classes had passed and I and Nick were sitting on a table eating when Ashley comes in running. She sits with us panting hard.

Nick – “hey babe! Have a glass of water.”

“What’s the matter ash?”I asked her with a concern in my eyes.

She drank the whole glass of water and relaxed a bit then after sometime she spoke up. “Have you heard the news today?”

“No. But why?” I asked her.

“Well ONE DIRECTION is going to complete their Senior Year in our school.” She said screaming at the top her lungs.

“Oh” I and Nick sighed.

Well the rest of day went on with Ashley praising one direction. I know you would be wondering why I’m not a fan? Well I don’t know why I don’t like them but yeah I’m a great Mahonie and Belieber at least.

Soon the school was over. I waved goodbye to both Nick and Ashley. I headed over to my car. As I reached near my house I could hear girls screaming. Yeah let me tell you who my neighbor is. It’s Anne Styles. Yeah the mother of Harry Styles. I looked towards her house and saw a limo and some bodyguards. Oh great! One Direction is here! Well I got in front of my house and noticed my Dad’s car in the parking. Why is everyone giving me shocking surprises today.

I entered the house. “Welcome back. I missed you so much.” my father said. “Dad I had only gone to school not some war.”I said laughing.

“Hey ! Ange we’re having some guests over.” Well I was shocked again because we nearly had any visitors.

“Okay dad. By the way who? ? ?” I asked him peeping into kitchen.

“Ummm…….they are ummm……….. The styles and the other boys.” My father hesitated.

“What ????!!!!” I shouted.

“Well this is what I wanted to talk about in the morning. But you never listened.” he said looking down. After a pause he said “Well there something more I want to tell you”.

“Go on Dad.”I said pretty much kicked off.

Dad- “Ummm………. Ummm …….”

Ange- “Spit it out Dad.” 

Dad- “I and Anne have been dating.”

I stood there in complete shock.

Dad- “Ange I’m so sorry.”

I saw a tear slip down his cheek. I realized it was the first time he was crying after my mother’s death.

Ange- “It’s okay Dad. I know you like her.”

Dad- “Do you like her??”

Ange- “Yeah Dad she’s a really nice woman.”

Dad- “Thanks honey!!! You don’t know how much I’m relieved after telling you that.”

I didn’t knew what to say. So I just nodded.

Dad- “Now go get ready they can be here any minute.”

I nodded and quickly went to my room. I stood at my window from which one of the room was clearly seen. Suddenly the curtains were drawn and a guy with black hair  was standing there. I remembered Ashley’s talks and knew it was Zayn Malik. Before he could see me I drew my curtains back and laid down. Suddenly something struck my mind. I didn’t mind going down and asking my father rather than I decided to text him.

Ange- Dad can I call over nick??? Please dad!!!

Dad -  Yeah sure honey. He always praises my food!

I was so happy that I could call over nick. I and nick have been best friends since childhood and he knew almost all my secrets and I knew his secrets. He was like my brother because whenever I used to sneak out of my house he would always scold me especially when I was alone. He was the one who supported me the most after my mother passed away.

I decided to call him.

Nick – Hello!

Ange – Hey! Wassup?

Nick – Nothing. You tell?

Ange – Wanna come over dinner. I’m having guests. And yeah my father’s cooking.

Nick – Yeah of course! I love your dad’s cooking.

Ange – And yeah where is Ash?

Nick – She is at one direction’s house screaming like other girls.

Ange – Yeah of course! Ok see ya soon! byeee.

As soon as I ended up the call, than I heard the doorbell. I quickly went to the washroom and saw myself in the mirror. Everything was fine. I rushed downstairs and towards the door. Yeah I liked Anne a lot she was always right about everything yet I was a bit angry at their dating. I opened the door and saw Anne standing there.

She hugged me tightly. I hugged her back. I looked behind her and I couldn’t see the five boys.

Anne – Looking for the boys?

Ange – Nope! I...Umm.... Just checking one of my friends.

Anne – Oh!!

As I saw that the boys didn’t come I was relieved a bit.

Anne – Hey! Can you open the back door?

Ange – Why?

Anne – Well the boys couldn’t come from the front door because of the fans.

Oh God! Why did they have to come??…………………………………………………………………

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