She Is Not Afraid

Angelina is a girl who thinks she doesn’t have a heart. She’s not afraid of anything but love. Which she thinks does not exist. She lost her mother and sister at a young age. Her father and she were not too close. Soon her father falls for a women and they decide to get married. She comes to know that her stepmother is the mother of HARRY STYLES -one of the members of one direction. Will they have a good or bad experience and what will happen when they come to know about her past ???


16. Chapter 16

Harry’s POV

What the heck? How can Zayn kiss her? I grabbed Zayn by his collar.

Harry –“What are you doing?! You know what she is going through!”

Zayn –“But Harry I Love Her!”

Harry –“I think you said this to Perrie! Right?!”

Zayn –“I never felt this way with her.”

Harry –“Oh yeah! You said the same sentence to all the three girls you had!”

I started to punch him, soon his nose started to bleed. The boys were trying to hold me back. Louis and Niall were holding me and took me away from Zayn. Liam helped Zayn and took him into the kitchen. I freed myself from Louis’s and Niall’s grip I quickly ran to Ange’s room. It was locked. I started banging the door. “Ange! Open up!”, “Please!”

Ange’s POV

I was sitting in my room, crying. I was never like this. What has happened to me? I’m no more strong. I never cried. I have started to depend. And I will not. I have to be strong.

I got up and went to washroom I washed my face and dried it with a towel. I applied eyeliner and mascara. I went to open the door which was being banged by Harry.

Ange – “Harry stop banging the door!” I said opening the door. Soon I was engulfed in a hug by Harry.

Harry –“Ange are you alright?”

Ange –“Yeah I’m alright.”

Harry –“ Are you sure I mean you’re not crying?”

Ange –“No. Come here. I want to talk to you.” I took a hold of Harry’s hand made him sit on my bed. I sat beside him.

Ange –“ See Harry, I was never this weak after the whole peter act. I was never dependable. But, after meeting you guys I found someone I could depend on. I started to cry like a baby. Because you all are always there with me. But today when I came running into my room and saw myself in the mirror, I thought this is not me. I was the girl who never cried, I was the girl who never gave up, I was the girl who never fell in love. Well, I know I cannot fall in love over again. Today what happened between me and zayn leads us nowhere. So it’s gonna be like this never happened. Ok?”

Harry –“ok.”

With that we both went downstairs. I couldn’t find the boys anywhere.

Harry –“Guys where are you?” harry shouted.

But there was no answer.

Ange –“where are they Harry?”

Harry –“I guess they went back to my house let’s go and check.”

We both went to Harry house. We both went to the room Zayn was staying and saw all the boys there. Then I saw Zayn sitting on the bed with a black eye and some cuts on his face they weren’t deep, but a little blood was seen. Who did this? Oh no! harry did this. I turned towards harry he was leaning against the doorframe with guilt in his eyes. I ran towards Zayn.  

Ange –“Harry? I guess you need to say something to Zayn?”

Harry –“Mate I’m sorry!  You know I’m a bit overprotective.”

Zayn –“It’s okay.”

Ange –“Guys can you please leave us alone? I need to talk to Zayn.”

Everyone said “yeah” and went outside. It was only me and zayn in the room. It was pin drop silence in the room until Zayn broke it.

Zayn-“Ange, I’m sorry.”

Ange –“No Zayn it’s ok. I know it was just a heat for some moment. Listen I don’t want to confuse you so I’m getting to the point. I don’t want to remember this kiss. See, you’re with Perrie and I don’t want to fall in love over again. So can we pretend that this never happened?”

Zayn – “Yeah! I think that’s better.”

Ange –“Come on let’s go down.”

Zayn’s POV

It hurts to listen that she thinks it was just a heat of moment. She doesn’t want to fall in love. I can understand that after everything she has gone through was really bad, but she needs to understand that not everyone is like Peter. 

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