She Is Not Afraid

Angelina is a girl who thinks she doesn’t have a heart. She’s not afraid of anything but love. Which she thinks does not exist. She lost her mother and sister at a young age. Her father and she were not too close. Soon her father falls for a women and they decide to get married. She comes to know that her stepmother is the mother of HARRY STYLES -one of the members of one direction. Will they have a good or bad experience and what will happen when they come to know about her past ???


1. 1. Chapter 1

Beep! beep! beep!

My alarm clock goes off. I take a look and see it’s 6:00am.

 “Oh shit! I am going to be late for my senior year.” I groan.

I quickly get out of my bed and head off to the washroom I quickly take a bath not caring to wash my hair. I soak the water droplets with a towel and quickly put  on my clothes. I brush my long black hair and put them in a high ponytail.  I put on my white sneakers. Let me tell you I’m not the typical teenage girl I’m not at all ‘girly’. I grab my bag, shoving my things inside it.

 I open the door and hear my dad shout at the top of his lungs “Ange be superfast or you’re going to be late on the first day of your Senior Year.”

“On my way dad.” My phone buzzes and I start checking my phone while trying to run down the stairs suddenly my leg slips making me fall on the ground. “Honey are you okay??”my father asks. “Ange I told you to be superfast not superman.”

He helps me up. “Dad can you grab the car keys as I take something to eat.” “Sure honey! And yeah I will be late today.” Dad told me.

As soon as I heard the word ‘late’ I took a look at my watch. I was relieved because I still had five minutes. So I decided to have a look at my phone. I had a text from Ashley.

Ash- Hey can you pick me up today? My car is at the garage.

Ange – Yeah sure give me 2 minutes.


I stood up from the table and grabbed the car keys which my father had kept.

Dad –“Ange I wanted to talk to you about something.”

Ange – Sorry Dad! Later, I’ve got to pick ash today. Byeeee!!!!

I could see the disappointment in my dad’s eye as he waved me goodbye. The fact was that whenever we talked about something, it ended up in a big argument. Me and my dad never understood each other. And I didn’t want to have an argument on the first day of Senior Year.

I hurried off to ash’s house and saw her standing outside. I stopped the car and she opened the door storming inside. “What the hell! Do you want us to be late at the first day of Senior Year.”  She shouted. “Sorry Ash” I tried to cover it by making a puppy face and it worked. “Now hurry!” she shouted again. I drove us to the school and made our way inside the hall.

“See we are not late.”I said to her in a relaxing tone. “Whatever” it was the only word she said before she headed off to her boyfriend and one of my best friends Nick. She gave him  a  kiss and “Ewwww” was the only word that came out of my mouth. As I threw my books in my locker and took out a drawing book I saw both of them staring at me.

“What guys???” I asked them irritated. “You know….” Before they could even finish the sentence I spoke up “ you don’t have a heart! Well guys I admit it that I don’t have a heart.” They both started laughing. I closed my locker door and turned towards them. “ Now why are you laughing?”

“You know you look too cute while saying that.” They both said in unison.

“Whatever. Now nick are you coming or should I go?”I asked him raising my eyebrow.

“Aye ! Aye! Captain.” Nick said.

Well I had three classes with Nick and two classes with Ash. And the best thing was that they were alternate.

I started walking to the Art class with Nick while Ash headed to her cheerleading class.









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