'Don't let it show, the mustn't know, just keep your head down low.'

Emma Gilbert is lost. High school is scary, filled with loud catcalling boys and lying, cruel bitches. Like most people, she has had her fair share of bullies, but when her long time enemy falls from her pedestal, thinks get a little... Shaken up.


1. The Fall

Cara was leaning against the wall of he school, phone in hand as she typed a quick text to her friend Sarah: where r u?


There was a sharp ping as a reply came, a ringtone Cara thought she really ought to change. It was much too boring for HER.

'dm' said the reply. Cara sighed. 'y?' 

'u were supposed 2 b meeting me' Cara texted back.

'oops. sorry. btw if u want 2 meet in with sam bailey and kirsty @ the park'

Cara clenched her fists. 'sorry,' she typed back quickly, seething with rage 'but I don't hang with backstabbing bitches'

And a sarcastic smiley face just for good measure.

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