Secret, come out eventually

The story is about a Girl that goes running every morning before school and always feels like theres someone watching her. One day that person thats been watching comes out and introduces himself. Then she realizes that her parents that she trusted just hid something so bad she does something she regrets.


1. The Shadow in the Window

Don't you always feel that there’s someone or something watching you. Like when you walk outside and go to your car and you feel that there’s eyes glaring at you. Will I do. Every morning I do the same routine. Wake up, eat, and go running. Like today same routine. After I finished eating I walked out the door. I plug in my headphones and start running. The warm breeze blowing towards you is so refreshing, but then it's not because you get chilly. I like spring better than I like the summer. Summer times is too hot for me. Special when I tan really easily. I take a turn at the corner stop sign. I feel like someone is behind me when I turn the corner. Like eyes glaring at but, when I turn to see if there's anyone there and there isn’t. Sometimes I run with my friend becky but she could come because she had things to do. I highly doubt it though but I don't care. I turn the corn and I run pass some grocery stores and things. I finally get tired enough that I had to turn back and start heading home. The strangest thing happen on my way home. I passed this abandoned house and I saw a shadow but it could just be my imagination playing tricks on me. That totally freaked me out so I ran home faster with my heart pounding hard against my chest.  When I reach home I go straight inside and walked to my room, which is upstairs, and laid down. Right when I started to close my eyes my dog had to jump on me. Sometimes dogs can get on my nerves especially if it's your dog because then they think they can do whatever they want to do. My mom would say “just like you do whatever you want to do to.” Like mom no just don't even go there that's what I want to say but then again I don't feel like getting in trouble. You know how parents are these day they like to yell a lot. 

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