Snake love

Knock that how it all started how king's life would change. King is 21 and Sally is 20 for no confusion. Please tell ways I can fix it or what should I put in the story. Please if you want to talk to me about my story(s) here is my e-mail address


2. The talk

  "Finally you awake" said Snake lady "I'm sorry that I hit you it just I was bathing and didn't wanted you to see me naked". King at the snake lady "what is your name" ask king "my name is Sally snake" said Sally. "I see you are half snake half human but are they more of you" ask King "that is correct there's more of us" answered Sally.  "Where did you came from" ask King looking at his arm "from an unknown island, I was born from an egg I had to rule my people from a young age but I had help me, we hid in caves for so long it's about time I did something for my people but ..." said Sally. King sits up and grab Sally by the hand while she cry "it's okay you can tell me" said King "I know my people are in good hands but I hope that i can find a good place for us to live" said Sally crying on King's shoulder. "I know how you feel I was born with this cruse I can never die and my cruse is an armor I was abandoned at birth by my parents I was raised by people with a curse" said King. "So are the others living here" ask Sally "when I was fifteen we were attack by people hunting for dark energy that our cruse gives off" said King "no the others live here they live in random places". "So they still alive" ask Sally "yes but we lost contact three years ago" said King "we should probably go to bed". As the two go up stairs "here I have an extra room for you" said King pushing the door open "thank you for letting me sleep here" said Sally happily. The two went to sleep in different rooms. 

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