Snake love

Knock that how it all started how king's life would change. King is 21 and Sally is 20 for no confusion. Please tell ways I can fix it or what should I put in the story. Please if you want to talk to me about my story(s) here is my e-mail address


4. The problem

  The two seem like a happy couple until  knock knock on the door. King went to see who is it "King it's been a longtime" said the mysterious man "it's you I thought you died in the attacked" said King who almost fell down. "What's going on who is he" ask Sally going to King "my name is Nightmare and I was the who raised your boyfriend" said Nightmare King is still in shocked and Sally is surprise what Nightmare said. 


  After everyone was back to normal Sally was thinking about what Nightmare said. King look at Nightmare "I saw you died in front of me how are you alive" ask King "you know about my curse right what I didn't told I can't died it may seem I died but I didn't" said Nightmare. "Why are you here" ask King "well I'm here to see how are you doing and ask you a every important question that might change your life" sad Nightmare looking at Sally who is blushing. "What is this life changing question you want to ask me" ask King "alright do you want to inherit my powers" said Nightmare King and Sally were in shocked. "Is that even possible" ask King "yes it is with your cruse you can have any powers as long you can control them without them controlling you" said Nightmare King was speechless and Sally was thinking of something.

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