Snake love

Knock that how it all started how king's life would change. King is 21 and Sally is 20 for no confusion. Please tell ways I can fix it or what should I put in the story. Please if you want to talk to me about my story(s) here is my e-mail address


1. The knock

   Knock knock that's how King Cobra's day started out with a simple knock on the door. "Hello" king said answering the door he sees no one there he close the door and went to the kitchen. As he walk in he notices the stove was one he knows he didn't turn it on the stove. At that time he realized he is not alone. King grab his diamond coating titanium sword he hide under the sink. King heard the water on in the bathroom he prepared to defend himself. As he walk into the bathroom he noticed a female body figure behind the shower curtains. When he looked behind the curtains he saw a woman with a body of a human female and lower body of a snake. The snake lady hit him and knocking him out. 

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