Snake love

Knock that how it all started how king's life would change. King is 21 and Sally is 20 for no confusion. Please tell ways I can fix it or what should I put in the story. Please if you want to talk to me about my story(s) here is my e-mail address


3. The call

  During the night King high tech home computer got a call from a friend. "'s....Tenka....I....was me" end of message.   


 In the morning King found Sally next to his high tech computer "what's this its been showing this 'one new message' that what it said" said Sally "what I thought all contact was gone until now" said King hearing the message. "Oh crap something bad is happening I hope I can contact the others" said King, after a while King made contact with other people in his area "we set a time and date to meet here" said King to Sally. "So what are guys going to do" ask Sally "we will find out what has happened and the others we shall make a plan" said King.

 It's the afternoon Sally is playing around with the tv "what is this" ask Sally "that is a tv" said King as he turn the tv to the animal channel about sankes. As the two watch the tv Knig notice Sally is starting to like him, both of them got closer and started to hold hands.

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