Snake love

Knock that how it all started how king's life would change. King is 21 and Sally is 20 for no confusion. Please tell ways I can fix it or what should I put in the story. Please if you want to talk to me about my story(s) here is my e-mail address


5. But how

  Nightmare is showing King how his curse works "why do I have to learn your powers" ask King "well so you can do a lot more now than before" said Nightmare looking at his watch. "Okay but how do I learn your powers" ask King "the way is by drinking my blood" said Nightmare. "There is no way I'm drinking your blood" said King staring at his watch Nightmare said in a extremely rugged voice "you have to, its only a drop of blood must go in your blood stream" while taking out a sewing needle. "Okay I will do it" said King as Nightmare poke himself with the needle "here drink this" said Nightmare as King take the needle a black mist appear around King. 

  After King drank the drop of blood he gained wired tattoos on his arms. "what are these" ask King Nightmare examine the tattoos "these are runes they give powers to its user, more different runes you have different powers you get" answered Nightmare. "Its getting late we should get some rest" said Sally, the three agree and King gave Nightmare the couch.

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