All I Got

Lola Park is back, and she's no longer a single mom with pink ombré hair! She's married to Aaron, has a third child in the way and is a highly successful lawyer. Find out what Lola has accomplished since All I Want in the follow up story, All I Got.


9. Home time

It had been 2 days since Lola had given birth to Hunter and herself, Aaron and baby Hunter were heading home to Sasha and Braelyn, and to their first night as a new family. At 8:20, Lola was discharged and because Aaron was taking the girls to school, she had to wait for another 20 minutes with all the gifts and a baby in tow. He arrived pretty fast with more balloons (she already had about 10!) "Hey babe, how's he been?" Aaron asked as he took the carrier and started walking towards their car. "He's been great, he slept well last night but he needed a bottle at 4 and 6. He's been asleep since 6:30." Lola explained. 

After 10 minutes of trying to fix up the car seat, they were on their way home to their friends and family who were waiting for a sneak peek of baby Hunter. "Who's actually back at the house?" Lola asked, fixing her hair in her tiny mirror. "Mom and dad, your parents and sisters, my sister and brother, Caitlynne, Jake and the girls, a few old friends from Myrtle. That's all really, but they aren't coming til later so we can settle in with Hunter." Aaron explained. 

They arrived home to an empty house but the silence ended fast as Hunter started bawling as soon as his carrier was put down on the wooden floor. As Lola was about to pick him up, Aaron said "Let me do it, I haven't seen him much these past few days." He picked up his son and went over to the couch to try and console him, which worked! "Your such a good daddy." Lola said, handing him a bottle as he needed a feed. "I've got my son at last, he's obviously gonna be a daddy's boy." Aaron joked, making Lola laugh. "Our families finally complete." She said, kissing her husband. 

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