All I Got

Lola Park is back, and she's no longer a single mom with pink ombré hair! She's married to Aaron, has a third child in the way and is a highly successful lawyer. Find out what Lola has accomplished since All I Want in the follow up story, All I Got.


10. Family time

It was Friday night and it was family time in the Calvert household. Lola went to work earlier to show off Hunter to her colleagues and she even went to pick th girls up from school just to show him off. The other moms were getting pretty broody when they saw his cute little face! They were now sat in the family room, sifting through movies to watch after dinner, which Aaron was busy cooking. 

"Frozen!" Braelyn squealed. "No, I've seen it too much!" Sasha moaned. "Sash, you love your Disney movies!" Lola said. "I know, but I'd rather watch Maleficent." Sasha said. "No!" Screamed Braelyn (that movie scared the living day lights out of her) "You can stop arguing, cos dinners served." Aaron said. "Come on girls, go sit down." Lola said, placing a sleeping Hunter in his bouncy chair. 

"So, Sasha. How was school today?" Lola asked as she took a mouthful of food. "Fine, I guess." She said, shovelling food into her own mouth. "Just fine? What did you do?" Aaron asked. "Work, like always." Sasha said. "How's Harper and Paige?" Lola asked. "Fine!" Sasha shouted. "Sasha! What's the matter with you tonight?" Lola shouted. "Nothing! Will you just leave me alone!" Sasha screamed, leaving the table and storming up to her room, slamming the door. "It's official. She's turning into a teenager." Lola sighed. "She's only 11." Aaron said. "I was just like that at 11. The next few years are gonna get harder and harder. Welcome to the world of being a parent to a teenager." She said, continuing with her dinner. 

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