All I Got

Lola Park is back, and she's no longer a single mom with pink ombré hair! She's married to Aaron, has a third child in the way and is a highly successful lawyer. Find out what Lola has accomplished since All I Want in the follow up story, All I Got.


5. Days with the best friend

The Calvert's had just got to Myrtle Beach and Caitlynne sat Lola and Aaron down with Jake to reveal what she was supposed to tell Lola. "So, as you know we have some news." Caitlynne began. "Yea, so what is it?" Lola asked. "Well, we're moving! And I'm pregnant!" Caitlynne squealed, Lola and Aaron hi fiving about the pregnancy. "Congratulations you guys!" Lola said. "Where are you moving to?" Aaron asked. "That's all your asking? How did you get pregnant after having 4 kids, including a 4 month old in the house!" Lola laughed. "It wasn't planned, but it might be a boy this time." Caitlynne said. "What will you call this one? Jakelynne Jnr?" Lola joked. "Lynne won't be in the name for once." Jake laughed. "But we're actually moving to Summerville because Jake got offered a higher paying job." Caitlynne said. "So you'll be closer to us?" Lola asked. "40 minutes closer!" Caitlynne squealed, Lola getting so excited she squealed too. "Oh my god, that's amazing!" Lola squealed. "That means we can hang out more, and go to Disney and do everything we did when we lived here!" Caitlynne said.

After the happiness wore down, it was time for dinner round Caitlynne and Jake's huge dinner table. The girls loved all the playing they could do together and were so excited to live near each other again. "So, do you think Edelynne and Gracelynne will go to Sasha's school?" Lola asked.  "Alston middle school is close to our place. Where does Sash go?" Caitlynne asked. "West Ashley." Lola said. "We looked there but it was the drive. I think Jake's new office could be in Charleston but the house is in Summerville. Maybe Jake could drive the girls to West Ashley on the way to work?" Caitlynne suggested. "I wouldn't mind having them after school for you until Jake could get them." Lola said. "That would be great! They'd get to see each other as much as possible then." Caitlynne squealed. These plans were getting real serious now! 

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