All I Got

Lola Park is back, and she's no longer a single mom with pink ombré hair! She's married to Aaron, has a third child in the way and is a highly successful lawyer. Find out what Lola has accomplished since All I Want in the follow up story, All I Got.


7. Bored Home Days

It had been 2 weeks since Lola finished work and she had nothing to do around the house, so all she could do was sit around watching tv and going on Facebook. She was due in under 3 weeks so she just sat and spoke to Caitlynne all day about baby names. 

"So what names have you been thinking about for your little bundle of joy?" Lola asked Caitlynne. "Jake and I haven't really spoke about that. I like Maddilynne or Evelynne for a girl but boys names are tough because we only have daughters." Caitlynne explained. "I like Braxton for a boy. I liked it for a girl but Aaron hated it." Lola laughed. "Boys names are tough in my family," Caitlynne laughed. "God, I wish you were moving sooner. I'm so bored being home alone day in and day out." Lola sighed. "At least you've got Rylynne at home." "Rylynne is a baby. She isn't the most exciting thing, but I do love her." Caitlynne said. "How could you even think about getting pregnant with a baby in the house?" "It was pretty easy really but it wasn't exactly planned. We had a weekend away after I had Rylynne and what happened happened. Now I'm pregnant and will have 2 under twos to care for." Caitlynne laughed. Lola then got a text from Aaron saying Braelyn was sick and he was dropping her home. "Yea I gotta go. Brae is coming home so I won't be bored as hell anymore." Lola laughed, hanging up and going to get Braelyn's room ready. 

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