All I Got

Lola Park is back, and she's no longer a single mom with pink ombré hair! She's married to Aaron, has a third child in the way and is a highly successful lawyer. Find out what Lola has accomplished since All I Want in the follow up story, All I Got.


8. Baby Time

Lola woke up at 4:30am on Saturday morning, only a few days after calling Caitlynne. She looked down and saw the bed was absolutely soaked. She shook Aaron to wake him and said "Aaron, I think my water broke!" "Oh fuck! But it's too early!" Aaron shouted. "I know, but we've gotta move it now or I'll be having a baby in this house!" Lola yelled. "She called her mom who started driving from Atlanta right away, but because it was a 4 hour journey, her aunt who lived close by came to look after the girls until Lola's mom arrived. 

They got to the hospital and they checked Lola straight away to confirm labour. She was already 5 centimetres dilated so they took her to a delivery room and left her and Aaron there. "This is so boring." Lola sighed after she had a contraction. "Remember having Braelyn. We were in hospital for 29 hours and you only spent an hour pushing her out, the rest were just contractions." Aaron said. "Sasha wasn't much easier either. I was in hospital for 2 days trying to get her out." Lola said, before she had a contraction. 

She spent the next 12 hours pushing until at 4:58pm, she gave birth to a boy who they decided to name Hunter James. Sasha and Braelyn came to visit at 5:30 with Lola's parents and Aaron's, who had also driven from Atlanta to see their grandson. "Oh, he's beautiful." Aaron's mother said as she was holding him. "He is. Our first grandson." Lola's mother said as she looked at him and hugged her husband and daughter. 


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