Ashton's little sister (cth)

"You don't know what love is!!!" Said Ashton screaming.

"More then you know you fucking jerk" I said.


29. whattt

Michelle's P.O.V

I woke up feeling so tired and weak. I sat up and put Calums shirt on that I found. When I stood up and tried to walk I kinda stumbled my legs felt very sore.

"Hey where you going" said Calum in a groggy voice.

"Just going to get food" I said walking or to him and kissing him.

"Wait I wanna come" he said throwing on a shirt and sweats.

"The lovebirds finally decided to wake up" said Michael. I just rolled my eyes and went to the kitchen to cook. I made pancakes and sausage. (EVERYBODY SAY SOMETHING KEEP IT GOING EGGS BACON GRITZ SAUSAGGEEE). I went to the couch see the boys took all the seats so I just sat on Calums lap.

"We want some" said the boys.

"Too bad" I said laughing at them. Michael just ordered a pizza the usual. Calum kept bugging me.

"Give me give me give me" he repeated as I ate.

"Gi-" before he could finish I shoved a sausage in his mouth.

"Is this what it felt like yesterday" he said smirking. I choked on my pancake and slapped his arms as the boy looked at me.

"So when are you and Calum planning on doing it you've been dating for like half a year basically I'm surprised Calum has contained himself" said Michael laughing.

"Not even close to contained" I said laughing.

"They are not doing anything as long as I'm around" said Ashton.

"Who said we haven't done anything" said Calum smirking.

"What?!" Said Ashton.

"Ooo drama" said Luke grabbing a slice of pizza.

"Ooo what I beautiful day" I said trying to stall.

"Michelle!" Said Ashton.

"What!!" I whined.

"What have you and Calum done" he said looking at me in the eye.

"Um we hang out , eat, hadsexlastnight, play games , blah blah blah" I said his eyes went wide.

"What did you say before" he said.

"Hang out" I said.

"After that" he said.

"Eat" I said.

"Ugh your so difficult" he said throwing himself on the couch.

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